Alita Battle Angel(2019) Movie Review

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So i just recently concluded the movie Alita Battle Angel, adapted from the 1993 anime version, and i gotta say as an anime fan even if i havent seen the anime version,it was a nice live action adaptation than the usual bad anime adaptations you usually see.

The Movie revolves around Alita,a cyborg girl, who was found as a scrap at a futuristic junkyard by a Dr Ido, who fixed her up and showed her the new world around.Alita meets a guy,Hugo, whom she picks interest in and who shows her more about "teenage life" i guess.Alita meets different challenges along the way in which she tends to regain little bits of her memory. I'll keep this short so as not to spoil too much
So what did i think of it?, It was a great movie, apart from the not-so-good CGI, great!

Although what did keep my mind thinking was how does Cyborg-Human Love work? I know the whole human part of alita was the brain right? So basically whatever our male love interest was in love with were just metal? I dont know, i guess thats how do future works ......

Alita Battle Angel movie- 8.5/10,Good Stuff...


And as a closing note......How does a Cyborg Bang a Human ?

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