Steemit's secret formula for Newbies

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Hello Everybody! 

Today I want to talk about this important topic, If you're here it's because just like me you probably trying to figure out the secret formula to be successful in this amazing platform. Well, I may be new to this platform but I've done my homework and I've noticed some patterns from people that are popular and I could get some tips that may be obvious for all of us but we somehow take for granted. 


This is a very important step if you want to become successful on steemit, and perseverance means you will have to work hard every day (by this I don't literally mean every day you can take your days off), don't expect easy money from here cause you won't get it. I found out that most popular steemians didn't get there just by posting pics and a few texts, no, they got there working very hard and they have spent a lot of time on this platform. Keep in mind that success is relative to the effort you put to it.

So keep those posts rolling and one day may be your day ;)

Post Regularly

When it comes to building a Following this is a very important step, because this will tell your followers how serious you're about blogging and you can also be strategic to drag the attention of different audiences like for example you can post at different times in a day, from 1 to 3 posts max is recommended per day, if you try to post more than that you'll exhaust yourself sooner than you think and this is also considered spamming. It's better to post 2 high quality blogs than +4 poor quality blogs, I try to write 2 or 3 ideas during the day and you can use your cellphone for example to take notes and then when it's the moment to make a post you already have some ideas around. With all this in mind it's important to know that Weekends usally have a smaller audience so focus better from mon-fri.

Post about what you like

If you know what you like to talk about then this is a +1 bonus for you, you'll realize that with time your blog will be oriented to a specific topic and to a specific audience, so it's important that the posts you're making have some kind of connection this way the following you're building may have an idea of what your next post could be about when it comes out. This is obviously not mandatory, you can post about anything you want but if your posts have something in common then you can be sure it's going to be more effective for you. 

Don't post about something because it's trending (and you don't even know about it). Post about something you like and know about. 

Use Eye Catching Ideas 

Blogging is a very useful tool for people that have something to say, but if you ever want to get noticed you need to know that images and multimedia you use for your post is as important as the text itself. This is simply because we tend to read or seek for what looks more attractive to us, so try to be very creative when it comes to the title and images you're going to use. I've rarely read posts that have no images cause I don't even notice they're there! 

Be careful with this, you dont want to overdo your post with images unless it's a comic. :P


Commenting and Engaging with people is a very important part of growing on Steemit, this will definitely set the difference between you being a poster or a real blogger, some people say that voting is an important part of our job but what they don't tell you is that it's very difficult as a newbie to make a profit just by curating posts, simply because the amount of SP we have is not enough, to get a good income from voting you'd have to be very lucky. Please don't get me wrong, upvoting is a way of showing the author you liked his/her post, if you think he/she deserves it, then give him/her that upvote! I'm sure he/she will appreciate it. 

So the best thing you can do as a newbie is build up your SP, this way in the future you'll get yourself some good rewards from curating other's posts. 

So this is not a guide whatsoever these are just tips I find very useful and I think us newbies should apply, as I said before I'm a newbie as well so I this is just a kindly reminder for us! 

I hope you like it and I hope this helps you a lot! Have a nice day! 

Don't forget to follow and resteem! this might help other people too! 

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