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Ledger Nano S is the latest generation of hardware purse Ledger. This purse has a great many features and offers the ability to get the full configuration directly on the device to the maximum level of security.


Nano S can be turned on using the micro-USB cable, connected on the charger or port on the computer. There is a short tutorial where you can learn how to use:

The Key right or left is used to select the choice or to move the item list

pressing both buttons will confirm selection, leading to step/next menu or select an item in the list

Create or restore the seed 

first decision in the initialize Nano S you is to make the seed that new (and create a backup of him), or restore the seed.

Manage your PIN DIRECTLY on

the device initialization, you must deal with security PIN code. To enter your PIN you need to use the button left/right to reduce/increase digits and press both buttons to select the next number (or to validate PIN 4-digit). If you fail to enter the PIN correctly three times in a row, Nano S You will be removed back to the factory settings (useful to change the seed).

Create a new SEED

if you choose to make the seed of the new will be produced on the device with a cryptographically random safely hold more than 512 bit increases entropy. You will then sliding through 24 words and have the opportunity to write them on a sheet of your restoration. Before the seed passing on your device, you must show that you it is true that renders the backup you by entering the two words that randomly selected.

Restore the seed on the device

in this case you are using or the owner of a Ledger (or Trezor/Keepkey), you can restore the seed that is directly on the device. Note that Nano S can restore 12/18/24 said the seed (but only 24 said the seed that can be generated). Each of the words is inserted using the predictive mode cage, limiting the number of the button press. This process is of course a little complicated, but brought the benefits of security is very big with always keep the seed to offline (words will not through the computer)

The DASHBOARD application

after initialization with the seed, you can access the application dashboard where you can select which application you want to start: Bitcoin, Ethereum, FIDO or setting. You navigate with the left/right and use/select the application by pressing both buttons


Using Ledger application Wallet Bitcoin Chrome You can request transaction for signed. Nano S will display the parameter of all transactions on the screen so that you can confirm safely: recipient address, the number of and cost.


Using Ledger application Wallet Ethereum Chrome You can request transaction for signed. Nano S will display the parameter of all transactions on the screen so that you can confirm safely: recipient account, amount of gas prices, gas limit.

FIDO U2F strong authentication device

you can use Nano S dongle that strong authentication application blessing FIDO U2F is certified. Services that meet the main condition is Dashlane, Dropbox, Github, Gitlab and Google account. Very easy with only one time click the login prompt/auth.

Setting the NANO S

some of the settings that are available on the Nano S You: screen brightness, inversion color, the rotation of the screen (so that you can control the key with thumb you if you prefer), firmware info and instructions for assistance.


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