Bitcoin’s price dropped by $30 this morning as market uncertainty increases due to an on-going closed door meeting between Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin Core developers

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 What is known is that the meeting is attended by seven Chinese miners or representatives of mining companies and 20 Bitcoin Core/Lightning Network developers. No one has been invited from the Bitcoin Unlimited or Bitcoin Classic team as far as is known with Roger Ver, a bitcoin early adopter and angel investor publicly stating: 

 To be clear, myself, Peter Smith, CEO of, and I assume just about every other consumer facing business were not invited. It seems to only be Miners, and Core.” 

 Although the meeting is publicly referred to as a “social event”, at the top of the agenda is likely to be on-chain scalability, particularly in light of earlier indications that bitcoin minersmay move to a different client on or around August the 1st.While there is little, if any, discussion in r/bitcoin regarding the meeting, r/btc seems to be full of anticipation with numerous threads debating all aspects. Overall, it is likely that the entire community is now focused on the outcome of what may turn out to be an historical meeting for the digital currency. 

 The price drop may suggest that the market expects no resolution on on-chain scalability, but it may be just a response to the current uncertainty of outcome or, perhaps, just insider trading.Officially, no announcement is to be made and the “social gathering” will not result in any decision, however, it is likely that by tomorrow miners will make a conclusive decision on whether to continue without on-chain scaling or move to another client. An announcement therefore, whether formal or informal, is to be expected.The mood in r/btc seems to be that tomorrow they conclusively decide on how to move forward and end this year and a half long debate. Two options are suggested by various individuals in a grassroots manner. One option is to switch to Ethereum which has an impeccable development team and has announced plans for unlimited scalability. Ethereum’s community, however, has a very different culture and philosophy, seeing the project more as a technology in its early stages, rather than an ideology with rigid rules or principles. Numerous individuals are therefore suggesting a second concurrent option, a pow hardfork, first suggested by Luke-Jr, a Bitcoin Core developer and Blockstream contractor.Anyone can hardfork any public blockchain without requiring any permission, but care must be taken in regards to any relay attack and there is likely to be high short term volatility as the market decides which chain they support most. Regardless, both chains can continue in their parallel universe.Although a btc pow hardfork is likely to start with few highly experienced developers, if all three development teams of Bitcoin Classic, XT and Unlimited combine, there would be around ten or so developers with many others likely to join, depending on the market price response.Whichever option anyone chooses, either is better than none, in my view. This debate has now continued for more than a year and a half, taking up time and resources, hampering progress. It’s time to make a decision, end this constant attacking of our own people and move on to attracting new participants, new businesses, new VC capital, and towards building things.

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cnLedger cnLedger tweeted @ 30 Jul 2016 - 22:36 UTC

Bikeji: New meeting started in Silicon Valley, we have 6(actually 7) ppl from CN community, 20 from Core and LN team

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