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in steemit •  2 years ago

Due to the lack of users a couple of steemians took it upon themselves to market Steemit within the local community.

We have established a marketing team to create a community within Estonia, with the hopes of getting some people on board, that we could follow locally. Because there is literally only a handful of people steeming here. We have several projects planned along with this one.

Market Steemit they said, market Steemit we did.

@kuttmargo and me decided to form the Estonian Steemit marketing team. Without casualties, we have managed to hire ourselves to Steemit Inc and have taken it upon ourselves to actually go out and market Steemit within the local community.
The Estonian marketing team has successfully acquired over 500 stickers with Steemit promotion on them to share and advertise Steemit within the local community.

We took it upon ourselves to distribute these stickers to everyone who is willing to share them or place them to wherever.

Meanwhile on another marketing meeting, the Estonian marketing team has successfully acquired several good business contacts.

These business meeting that the marketing team of Estonia gets are going really well.

Yours truly,
a Bug.

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Väga imeline on näha, et Eestis tõmmatakse ka asi käima!

Hope this goes from strength to strength, Good for you!

Good stuff man. Also, I finally started use some of your amazing OC upvote gifs. I linked the source too! Thanks man and steem on!


Aww, you didn't need to link them back to me :)

While looking for some reviews about hashflare, I came to read your comment to a post posted few months ago. You said that if anybody wanted to invest, just contact you for advice. Can I possibly have your advice?


You need to ask @warren.buffett


Warren Buffet would just tell you to go sit in a corner and read for 8 hours.


Oh i thought it was for real. Sorry for disturbing you.


Don't gamble on cloud mining. Not worth it.

Hello @ubg, I think I have found a bug in your nick ;-)

Good luck on this! Will be following closely.

Awesome ubg, way to make an initiative like this!

Goodluck and welcome :)

I like your team!

This sounds like shit. Go die in a ditch!

Great work, I love how global this community is.

Have a good week!

This sounds promising. Good luck!

Good lucky to you and the estonian team :)

You are the main man in Est.-land. We are all counting on you . . . let us down and the Soviet wrath . . . well . . . it will be severe. Succeed!

Excellent!! Very nice initiative!

Hah, excellent. I love Estonia and have visited there a few times, the Steemit colors are almost same color as the Estonian flag :)

Hi! Great job on the initiative. If you dont mind, do you think steemit will also add here some game apps or like a ready to play games, for users to come in? Or much better if they could make it like play to earn. Thanks for your time and i also want to say thanks for your upvote on my post. 😊😊

Welcome in 'Estonian marketing team'

Got ya! Thanks for your upvote, much appreciated! Keep up the good work!