My opinion about DLive immigration & What streamers should do now?

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Hello as we all know DLive fucked up us. They used steemit as a "experimental thing". I believed in them because it was first steem blockchain based platform and now I regret that. I was wondereing why they changing logo why yellow colour ? Now we all know that the reason was immigration and colours on their site design are yellow. They even used Steemians to make a logo for them! LOL.
Are u fucking kiddin me. All the time they was spamming "Dlive first Steem Blockchain platform" but it was just lie. They had a plan to immigrate from the beginning. They are liars. They lie to everyone. Did u saw their post? On their new platform u gonna need to buy the "Lino Coin" to donate people. And they gonna laugh at u spending ur money on drugs and bitches! Anyway u think that Lino can reach level of Steem? NO WAY! I dont believe in that. There is no chance for this. Okay I dont want to write more about it. I cant even describe in word how hard they fucked up us and how big fail they gonna make.

Okay guys that was my opinion about dlive. But what now? Where we #steemians should stream? The answer is @vimm . Creator of Vimm @Chiren is already hard working to make this platform best. Alot people is already supporting them same as me. Also u can see there Whack Science Curation show from and @runicar Curation show. thats not all, its only beginning! I can ensure u that u wont regret the choice! Already 90% people moved to Vimm. So the community is bascially the same as on dlive just with better platform and ofc with #steem.

Do not let urself be fooled by new dlive dog coin. Steem is the future!

If u started streaming on Vimm because of my post. Hit me up and im gonna throw u upvote. Not a big value only 0.1$ but there is alot people to do it also so u gonna end up having alot of steems!

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DLive has abandoned the Steem blockchain!

As you may have seen in DLive's post they are abandoning the Steem blockchain. @dlivecommunity does not condone this action and would ask you to reconsider your streaming options. Please take a look at Steem friendly options like or to continue receiving rewards on the Steem blockchain.


@dlivecommunity is a community project built to help streamers navigate their way through @dlive and the overall Steem ecosystem. We are not affiliated with @dlive.

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