Steem Power

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Yes, I noticed after I bought the steem power
I manage to earn from my post.

I also use the steem-plus. I actually don´t understand it all yet.
It seems it helps promote my post to the other steem-plus users.

I spend a little amount by it seems like it doubles up my earnings.
Well, let´s see what the others will share on their feedback.

I use to learn from your feedback people on #steemit and how do you call yourself here.
Steemian? Steemer? because in #Empowr we call our selves Empowrians.

I am motivated to write more here when I see my post earnings are raising.
I actually don´t have a fixed topic to write. For now, I am occupied in sharing
about coins, token or crypto trading where I involved with.

Well, I have 3 at least. ethereum, empowr and jsecoin

Thank you for passing by and I wish you good.