Swarming Trails on Steemit

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The Swarm


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You've heard about that, trails, welcome to the swarm behind everything, the big machine, the facade, this time we talk about my experience, when you know how the system works they can not fool you and this time the truth behind Trails is to reveal

Many of those who belong to Steemit, join with a sense of entrepreneurship, and many users are unknowingly exploited, inhabit more Discord groups than the initial promise of creating "quality content", in the process many are disappointed, behind all of this, te great machinery, everything revolves around Steem Power and as someone automates the process, you only need the raw material and there are the users, rich in Steem Power, Yummy!

Trails is a locomotive and users who join as wagons when new publications are added, when the main voter leads the upvote all doing the same and we all gain passive rewards for curating posts, but that does not really happen at all. It is a fairy tale.

The promise


The promise of the trails is that everyone wins and can grow within the community, the trail leader has that responsibility and those who join the trails do not have free time to blog, since their main profit is healing post (upvotes). The leader is responsible for teaching, pass information to delegate part of the burden, it is difficult to maintain the utopia, maintain community and harmony.

The Utopia

  • Newbies


The game of Steemit seems easy, but it is not, beyond the technical knowledge, beyond the type of publication, the labels, you want everyone to take the bait, but how to defeat the great machine that has monopolized the votes and has corrupted the Steemit community, makes us wonder if it is decentralized? or if it is already a great trail, a large automated swarm.

  • Sharks


The sea is very big, it has its dangers, is a shark tank that take advantage of the weakest, you think that because they do not eat you can be your friends, but they only want one thing, your votes, in short they pat you on the back with the argument, make more effort while they feed on you, when you read the blockchain because it is public and everything you do is exposed, you can see that they become rich behind your back.

Did you take the bait?

Do you think you have survived the shark tank? You do not know yet, you belong to a large community, you have to beg for the upvotes, the hamster and the wheel has no end like a slaves, after all that effort the profits are still low and you wonder what is happening and is as I have been saying from the beginning, you have taken the bait and you must be strong to resist and persist, it is a competition to the death, the one that arrives last loses and you must be attentive to the trends, the news and improve your technique to get better results, avoid falling into the swarm of zombies fake accounts, do not let it catch you, there are small trails better organized that get better results than a big rotten swarm where only a few get rich through your Steem Power.

And what are you going to do? Are you going to keep wasting time? to succeed you must go out and take it little fish!

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