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Pending the HF20 which will make onboarding of new steemians easier, there have been a lot of ways to register and get a new steemit account within minutes.

Recently I had to open new account for two new people. It has been the same question of when will my account be approved?. In order to get them their account on the spot, I chatted @gee1 up. She gave me a process of doing it and within 2 minutes I created a new account for the intending steemians.

This is the summary and what I think you should know. I believe something like this must have been documented by someone else here on steemit anyway.

1. Read

2. Go to
and enter the details below:

username: what you want to create for the person

Password: This is automatically generated

Steem: Put 0.100

Vest: 30706.285335


Thereafter click on continue and a new interface requiring your username and password will show up.


After this the new account (@username) is created.

You have just onboarded a new steemian

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Wow, this is really helpful. Thanks for sharing..


Yes, it is helpful and quite easy.

This is nice to know.


Yes it is. :)

I want to open a new account for my guy
Can I open it with the links here freely?


Yes. You can. You just need to follow those two processes. And 15 SP will be deducted from your SP to the new account. You can also withdraw the 15 SP back(undelegate).