Delegating 550 SP To MinnowBooster Bot

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Not Active? No Problem, Delegate Your SP, Earn SBD

I won't be as active as I'd like to be; haven't been for a couple of weeks now. But I don't want my SP to go to waste when others can benefit from it.

Last week I delegated 100 SP to @minnowbooster and have received right around 0.04 SBD per day. Since I will be unavailable to post frequently on here, I decided to delegate as much of my SP as possible today: 550.

Why Delegate SP?

Aside from the small return for your delegation, you help to support other minnows who make use of bots, such as @minnowbooster to earn more for their posts. Again, the way Steemit is designed, the more active, quality content will be rewarded with better payouts once discovered. Until you get some larger fish following and upvoting your posts, you can take advantage of bots that will upvote and resteem your content.

A few of these include @randowhale, @buildawhale, @minnowbooster, @minnowsupport, @discordia, @resteembot, @thelifestyler. And others.

How To Delegate SP to MinnowBooster?

While there are other services that allow create a delegation link for you, I decided to use @minnowbooster.

Caution: When using a 3rd party service to delegate SP for you, you will be asked for your Steemit password or Active Key.

Go to, sign up and click on Bot Actions > Delegate to Bot.

Enter your Steemit username and the amount of SP you wish to delegate (Note: it will take 7 days to un-delegate SP). To un-delegate, simply enter 0.

You will be taken to a page (, where the process will be completed with your password or active key.

That's it. You've just delegated SP to support other minnows.

I hope to return to active posting soon. In the meantime, consider following some of the users I follow, vote for Steemit witnesses and keep posting great content, then use the bots to grow!


Hmm yeah you should, if you not using Steemit regularly

Great article, pity you received so few upvotes. I have the same problem, I won't write much and would like to delegate. Minnowbooster still one of the best options?

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