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Nevermind the Trends

There are a lot of fluctuations in the markets. Always will be, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. Prices will adjust. Fuel, milk, internet, utilities, you name it. Things always change. Bigger picture: the world economy is still pretty unstable. We need less hassle and more accessibility to do everyday things.

While bitcoin has shot up over $16,000 USD, the world has taken more notice. When the price goes down, they look deeper and find the plethora of uses for cryptocurrency. Steemit being one, a big one really. The price isn't through the roof, but demand will increase as potential is embraced.

But I am Inactive, Why Not Sell?

While I don't earn more STEEM being inactive, I don't lose any either. Will I ever sell if I really need to? Yes, probably some. Will I ever become active again? Yes, most likely.

Blockchain is permanent. If I decide to pickup where I left off later. It will still be here. If I leave it at this post and earn $0.10, that $0.10 worth of Steem will increase or decrease in value on top of the Steem I already hold. Therefore, I am still investing, just not frequently.

Just wanted to post this update to encourage Steemit users to keep holding. If you bought a bitcoin for $800 a few months ago, you would have had 20 times as much value today. Steem is still very affordable.


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Why not put that into SteemPOWER?
That way, when you do post and upvote yourself, you'll pay yourself more?

Powering down takes awhile. The Savings part is just a stop gap if someone breaks into your account. Power Down is a bigger stop gap.

It is in SP, aside from a tiny amount of SBD.

I mis-read the post.

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