He doesn't want the producers he is going to hire to act as "middle men"...

But it is written in a borderline "racist" way because it is @yallapapi and he probably wants to trigger people under influence of "politically correct groupthink", he is obviously not a real racist (I think), he could have put any country in the third-world in there.

But I think he choose Nigeria because many Nigerians speak and write flawless English, and many are probably looking for these types of "micro-jobs"/jobs making it a great place to run a "farm", (not a real farm, but a kind of sweatshoppy-internet-café where a whole bunch of people are pushing out low-level content or clicking "like" or "upvote" as a kind of job/on demand etc)...

Calling someone Nigerian is not racist if they are actually Nigerian.

Second, there are writing farms that outsource very cheap labor and sell it under an agency banner. They are not unique to Nigeria. I could have said Indian, Pakistani, Mongolian, whatever.

Nigerians just sounded funnier to me because they have a rep for being scammers.

I’ve met a few in real life and they’re nice enough. Plus from what I understand they have a reputation for being the hustlers of Africa. In a good way.

No offense intended to any actual Nigerians.

I totally understand what you mean, Americans have a reputation here too. I have no intentions of defending my people even though I know a few people who will give Abraham Lincoln a run for his title.

I love to look at it your way. No hard feelings tho

@tudors @friendly-fenix It has nothing to do with race, Nigeria has all races living there. He used Nigeria as reference because people actually are willing to work there for much cheaper than most other places, while still being able to speak/write English language.

I'm almost offended by the statement though.

offcourse,thanx friend

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Hello @doctorspence!
Yeah as I wrote in my response...
(I almost got suckered into working at a "like-farm" once so I know), lol...

@friendly-fenix @doctorspence ever been to Nigeria?