To Bluff or Not To Bluff; That is The Question

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Tout est une question de bluff - It's all about bluffing


How much do you bluff? Not to ruin your game or anything, just generally speaking... do you bluff? How often? Only against certain players?

Here's another question... is bluffing the same thing as betting a player off of the pot? What do you think? I think it's different. To me, bluffing is done in a more leading way... when I do bluff, it's not only to get you off of the pot, it's also to make you think that I have a bigger hand than I do.

Is bluffing different online than in person? I have so many questions!


Let's talk about bluffing tomorrow while we play a ring game on lucksacks! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this vitally important part of everyone's poker game!

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I have never bluffed....EVER!

I believe you.

Bluffing is mainly to get off somebody of the hand when you have poor odds BUT you must be aware of opponents ranges AND bluff only when your handhave backdoors! This way your bluff may turn to a BIG hand.

I love to bluff.. even more than bluffing I like to show you that I'm bluffing.. repeatedly... that way you'll be more likely to call when I have a monster...

Dude I never see any zaps from you these days? What is your poker name?
Happy New Year !

Zappl was acting funny for me.. not letting me upload pictures... which is important for me.. but you are right.. I have dropped the ball.. I'll do better next year.. promise.

I'm GotU2 on @spl.. Happy New Year..

They are really slow to update anything, but a great concept :-) I have the app on my phone now but rarely use it, just suffer through on my laptop. Shit I always type Zapple hehe its a drink in Canada LOL.
See you @ the tables GotU2 :-)

Bluffing is nedded of course... But the timing and the position on your table is very important. Chip stack also to the guy you want to outplay or bluff... That's just some of the factors you have to think abt... The bord... Players style... Bla bla... But yes if you want to Winn in the long run... Bluff is needed! Of course it's not abt what cards you have it's abt what the other players have and what the bord show.. And a bunch of other things... 🌟👍

Thanks for sharing the post....It was really interesting to read....thanks for sharing.

tuck-fheman looks suspiciously like The Bethinator...

I don't bluff all that much, but when I do and it comes off (particularly when I have total shit), I always feel bad. I could never be an actual successful poker player.

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Bluffing is suicide online. Just don't ;) I still haven't learned not to tho.

Bluffing is tough in the freerolls because you're not putting your own money on the line. I've seen some crazy bets and calls. Easy to play crazy when it doesn't cost you a dime. Of course I would never bluff. That would be dishonest.

well - I guess all of us have to bluff ... especially when playing Omaha this is an essential part of the game - either by betting your combo draws and making other fold but at the same time still having a lot of outs to improve your own hand or by just outplaying somebody when you know exactly what kind of hand your oponent has and being aware of the fact that he will not be able calling a proper sized bet

off course you will have to put your mind in this before you play the hand, hence having a "game plan" by hand to go with all the trough till the river.

well ... that´s just my thoughts

what you thinking @tuck-fheman?

Yes the question is to bluff or not. So this is choice for you.

Ever heard of a double bluff? Where you are bluffing that you're bluffing.

that works great for drawing out so so hands to shove when your on the nuts or close to it.
I Love a nice FH flop and play weak. :-)

An important concept to bluffing is having blockers, especially in Omaha.

Pretty rare for me to bluff, It just pisses me off when its called and a little embarrassing. So I always shoot for a tight game, and when the dealer is treating me poorly steady a " Hail Mary " do or die approach is taken. Usually in the form of a shove to recoupe my stack and interest in the game or go home LOL
Have I said too much? LOL
Happy New Year All !

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