MASTER OF HIS WORLD : 5 things about Alexander the Great

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MASTER OF HIS WORLD : 5 things about Alexander the Great


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Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle, a great Greek Philiosopher himself as a child.

When he was young he was sent by his father, Philip II of Macedon, to the Royal Academy of Macedon with his friends Cassander, Hephaestion, Lysimachus and Ptolemy also joining these lessons. Many believe it was Aristotle in fact that drove Alexander to wage war against the Persians and some accused that he was so angered by Alexander's attempts to dress up as a Persian after his conquest that Aristotle may even have helped kill Alexander.

No. 2

Alexander the Great's father taught him how to fight.

Philip II of Macedon, Alexander's father and his tutor in all matters of warfare. It was Philip who cultivated Alexander's ability at warfare, from a young age taking him on his campaigns against the Illyrians, Thracians and the Greeks themselves. In fact at the tender age of just 15 Alexander was commanding detachments of Philip's army for him and at the battle of Chaeronea, where Philip commanded near 30,000 men he gave his then only 18 year old son, Alexander the command of his whole left wing of the army in the battle. A task he accomplished brilliantly to help win the day and conquer Greece.

No. 3

Alexander didn't actually found most of the cities in his name.

During his conquest of most of his known world, as he trekked countless thousand of miles Alexander consistently named cities after himself. For a long time, historians and archaeologists had taken that for him placing colonies in those places like Alexandria for example, the truth however? Alexander for the large part besides Alexandria in Eygpt refrained from establishing new cities and most of the cities he struck his name too were already settled and had other names. Of his cities only a few truly were Alexandrian creations.

No. 4

Alexander on his deathbed destroyed his Empire

On his deathbed Alexander's generals came to him wondering who would inherit his Empire as he had failed to clarify on this difficult situation as he had no immediate heir in a son, only family members once removed and further that might take his place. It's believed he said.
"To the Strongest" Or Kratistos, but others have pointed out that it might have been purposefully misunderstood from Krateros who was a general of Alexanders that wasn't present at Alexander's deathbed then.

No. 5

Alexander didn't just reach India, he conquered India proper

Alot of the time people mistake Alexander's campaigns to have run out as he approached India, the truth however is far from this popular opinion. In fact Alexander didn't stop when he arrived on the borders of India proper, he continued, his march south curling inwards when it reached the sea to press into India further. Alexander the Great was a conqueror unlike anyother, under his command armies marched through Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa and the Indian Subcontinent to carry forth a Greek dominated world that would spawn countless copycat civilizations, including our own in many respects.

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