Here is how the Steemit Trending Page would look like without Bid Bots and Self Votes! (20.10.2021)

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Trending Posts Without Bid Bots and Self Votes

In the last 24 hours alone people spent at least 4133 SBD and 26604 STEEM on post promotions using bid bots or vote selling services. I know bid bots are a controversial topic and it is not up to me to decide if these bots are good or bad. Heck, I'm a bot myself, so who am I to judge? However, I can help you with your own judgment by providing data. Besides my DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS, where I try to direct attention to posts that deserve more rewards, I decided to use the data at my disposal to publish another kind of top list.

Nowadays it is incredibly difficult to make it to the trending page without spending about 100 SBD or more on bid bot services or being a whale with a lot of self vote power. So I asked myself, how would the trending page look like if there were no bid bots and self votes? Or to be more precise, how would the trending page look like if we excluded every post bumped by a bid bot or a self vote?

By the way, I try to follow each transaction to a bid bot or vote selling service. Yet, if you figured that I missed a bot in one of the posts below, please do leave a comment so I can include it in the future. Thanks!

The Top 10 Posts NOT Promoted by Bots

So without further ado, here are the top earning, text based posts (excluding dmania etc.) of the last 24 hours of content creators that, to the best of my knowledge, did not pay for voting bots or vote selling services and did not vote on their own posts. A list of the humble, so to say. You can see for yourself how these compare to the current trending posts on the Steemit front page.

#1 Country Representative Of Pakistan Weekly Report Upvote Reports , Club5050 User Reports , Steemitpak Powerup Daily, Updated New comer -- by @hassanabid with a current reward of 55 SBD

hello to all Steem POD Team Admin,Moderators,Greeters and Country Representatives , I hope you guys are doing great over steemit. You might be seeing many things which I post in my every Report. its because the things are still in progress and we are working over it on weekly basis. So i have included 3 New things in this report and concluded others downward. Lets get started with my Report ! Posts from My Account 100 Powerup For Club5050 Upvote Report Important Notice for Club5050...

#2 In order to use the Club5050 Tag You must Power Up more SP than the Steem you have drawn! -- by @steemitfoods with a current reward of 48 SBD

!club5050 7 Day Wallet Activity 1.png Hello Everyone Today, I will give you information about the SP Power Up process, which is the most important rule required for you to participate in the club5050 tagged project started by the steemit team. First of all, if you want to increase your chances of getting vote support by the steemit team and steemcurator01, the biggest curator account of the steemit team, you should follow the rules of this tag, and then you can increase your ch...

#3 Steemit Philippines Community Top 5 Posts Picks of the Day and Recommended Posts for the steemcurator01 Support 10192021 -- by @steemitphcurator with a current reward of 46 SBD

Weve chosen a new set of recommended posts for steemcurator01s support. Though it is not guaranteed for upvotes, were hoping and praying that all of the featured posts will be taken into consideration. We really thank God for this opportunity our community has received and we will do our best to do better for our members, our community, and the Steemit platform itself. A reminder to all our members to produce quality posts either an entry to all our contests or to a usual content you ...

#4 THE DIARY GAME 19102021 Waiting for Dexters New Season... Waiting for Dexters New Season... -- by @alikoc07 with a current reward of 37 SBD

Hello Everyone Today I will tell you in detail what I did on 19102021.... Morning I woke up at 0900 this morning. I routinely wash my hands and face and then brush my teeth. I made myself a cup of unsweetened coffee to start the day energetically. I put the dirty plates, spoons and forks left over from last night in my dishwasher and then started my dishwasher. I dried my dishes after washing them and they are now ready to be used again. Then I prepared myself a salad with garnishe...

#5 ACTIVITIES AS A COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVE WITHIN THE WEEK 1010 1910 -- by @njaywan with a current reward of 34 SBD

Greetings steemit team, I would like to present my weekly report on the activities I did as the country representative of Ghana. Working hand in hand with my colleague reps to help the growth of our ghanaian community is my top priority on steemit is something I hold in high esteem on the platform. By doing so we are able to increase activeness as well as improve retention within our community. We continued with our efforts to guide our newbies we have been receiving lately. This i...

#6 SIZ Admin Commitment to Club5050 -- by @cryptokraze with a current reward of 34 SBD

Dear Fellows, Most of you know about the new initiative of steemit team which is club5050. The purpose of that initiative is to encourage the culture of power up. I am very pleased to see that SIZ members are joining Club 5050 after it was announced that SIZ will support this initiative. I was working on making new developments about club5050 where SIZ will provide special support to members who will be joining the club. I am making this post before the announcement to show my commi...

#7 THE DIARY GAME 18102021 Delicious Fish Day in the Pan What Activities Did I Do Today? club5050 -- by @alikoc07 with a current reward of 34 SBD

Hello Everyone Today I will tell you in detail what I did on 18102021. Morning I woke up at 845 this morning. I started the day by routinely washing my hands and face. Afterwards, I brushed my teeth, then took a shower with hot water because the air temperatures where I live have dropped considerably. I prefer to take a shower with hot water so as not to get the flu, because when we get sick due to covid19, we are now quite afraid. For breakfast, I baked frozen spinach pie, which I...

#8 Weekly Report of Activities from October 12 to 18, 2021, CR Venezuela wilmer1988 -- by @wilmer1988 with a current reward of 30 SBD

Weekly Report of Activities from October 12 to 18, 2021, CR Venezuela wilmer1988, Image Created by wilmer1988 Hello hello wonderful people of steemit, how good to be able to greet you after a week of hard work in which the contribution and interaction within steemit allows me today to share the results of my support for the functioning of this digital world. Status of my personal account, wilmer1988, Link Thanks to the use of my inidual account this week I was able to su...

#9 1020, Wed btc approached to almost ATH of 65k in 4 month -- by @jhdklk853 with a current reward of 29 SBD

Yesterday1019 0000 2400, UTC0, bitcoin price recorded its starting as 62037, its lowest as 61250, its highest as 64510, its closing as 64316. Bitcoin rose slightly after Tuesdays start, consolidating near 62k, then after 1330 a 2,000 whipso pattern appeared up and down for an hour before starting to rise again, breaking through the whipsos highs, reaching a high at 2345 and ending with a final 3.7. Looking at the 4hour chart, btc broke the shortterm high of 63,100, which was recorded on 1...

#10 My Mother Recovered From Coughing But My Father Substituted Her -- by @cryptopie with a current reward of 16 SBD

My mother recovered from an almost uncontrollable cough, it made me feel worried because she coughs after laying down which means maybe that her lungs developed fluids in them. I was observing her if she would show signs of CoViD and a couple of those are the lost of smell and Fever. She neither had one but only diarrhea which actually scared me because it is one sign of having the CoViD. But she is not coughing anymore that worse than compared to the past days so I am guessing t...

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Glad to have my post in trending without bots :) ❤️

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