Here is how the Steemit Trending Page would look like without Bid Bots and Self Votes! (13.10.2021)

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Trending Posts Without Bid Bots and Self Votes

In the last 24 hours alone people spent at least 4038 SBD and 34744 STEEM on post promotions using bid bots or vote selling services. I know bid bots are a controversial topic and it is not up to me to decide if these bots are good or bad. Heck, I'm a bot myself, so who am I to judge? However, I can help you with your own judgment by providing data. Besides my DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS, where I try to direct attention to posts that deserve more rewards, I decided to use the data at my disposal to publish another kind of top list.

Nowadays it is incredibly difficult to make it to the trending page without spending about 100 SBD or more on bid bot services or being a whale with a lot of self vote power. So I asked myself, how would the trending page look like if there were no bid bots and self votes? Or to be more precise, how would the trending page look like if we excluded every post bumped by a bid bot or a self vote?

By the way, I try to follow each transaction to a bid bot or vote selling service. Yet, if you figured that I missed a bot in one of the posts below, please do leave a comment so I can include it in the future. Thanks!

The Top 10 Posts NOT Promoted by Bots

So without further ado, here are the top earning, text based posts (excluding dmania etc.) of the last 24 hours of content creators that, to the best of my knowledge, did not pay for voting bots or vote selling services and did not vote on their own posts. A list of the humble, so to say. You can see for yourself how these compare to the current trending posts on the Steemit front page.

#1 500 STEEM Powerup to support club5050 Week 01 -- by @hasini with a current reward of 47 SBD

Greetings Everyone!! To support the new initiative club5050 I like to powerup my total earnings for the past few weeks. I do not intend to withdraw any STEEM until I become a dolphin, because my goal is to increase my voting power. For the moment, I maintain Voting CSI close to 30 So, this is the screen shot before I made the powerup. My wallet before powerup I had around 38 SBD collected and last night I converted them all and received 519 STEEM in total. For the power up I l...

#2 October 12 Discovery Day Hispanic Day. . -- by @littledisciples with a current reward of 43 SBD

It was the Lord who put in my mind that idea that it was possible to sail from here to the Indies. Anyone who heard my idea rejected it laughing and ridiculed it. There is no doubt that the inspiration came from the Holy Spirit, because He comforted me with rays of wonderful inspiration from the Holy Scriptures. Christopher Columbus . . For a long time we have been told that this was a massacre, well Chvez was in charge of indoctrinating the people for 20 years with a distorted b...

#3 October Steem Graphics Month Day 12. Looking for more Graphic Designers to follow. -- by @stephenkendal with a current reward of 41 SBD

PromoSteem Promoting and Supporting Steem Digital Marketing Material Looking for more Graphic Designers to follow October Steem Graphics Month Day 12 As the October Steem Graphics Month moves into Day 12, I wanted to once again share with you my vision of Steem and where I think Steem is heading in the future. BattleProven Blockchain 2022 will see the anniversary of the 6th year for Steem and as the Blockchain celebrates this magical milestone, I strongly believe that something ext...

#4 Announcement of Joining 5050 Club by SC01, read this before its too late We also supports movement club100 -- by @miftahulrizky with a current reward of 38 SBD

We also supports movement club100 Image edited in Canva classpullleft classpullright Screenshot of the announcement by the Steemit SC01 team. Tim Steemit, in this case steemcurator01 has announced the latest information about Club 5050. They are looking for people to join Club 5050 for extra support from steemcurator01 and steemcurator02, this information was passed on Monday night 11102021 at 2202 WIB. When this announcement was made, many people had joined. But very few...

#5 Introduction to Steem Skillshare Online Therapeutic Exercises Course 10 payout to steem.skillshare -- by @ashkhan with a current reward of 37 SBD

classphishy Hope you all are well and enjoying your happy lives. God bless you all. I am thankful to milkaz and steem.skillshare l that they have give us a chance to show our skills. Give us opportunity to show our skills and educate others through our knowledge. I am very happy that I will be able to educate other users about my profession and provide them different knowledge which no one has still convey you all. So, first I introduce myself to this amazing community. My name ...

#6 Steemcurator 05, Curation Report October 05, 2021 -- by @tocho2 with a current reward of 35 SBD

Free Use Resource from Pixabay, edited with PowerPoint by tocho2. class textjustify This is my first weekly report with Steemcurator05 in October 2021, this is the community account to support Latin American and Hispanic users. class textjustify This past October 05 the las week it was my turn to curate with steemcurator05, this account is to vote for those who remain active in the thediarygame and betterlfe projects . For this curatorial turn, I managed to verify 141 user...

#7 SIZ Approved Course Peer to Peer Network Lecture 03 Cable Configuration and Crimping 20 payout to sizofficial -- by @manuelhooks with a current reward of 33 SBD

Appropriate Configurations and preparation of the transmission medium is important when setting up a computer network. Cable Configurations There are two basic cable Configurations for Networking the rollover Configuration will not be included, and its important that you dont get this facts mixed up. Both Configurations can be used in a peertopeer network, but cant be used interchangeable so you have to know when to use which. The Configurations are The Straigh through Cable Conf...

#8 1013, Wed btc broke down the 50MA of 4hr chart in 12 days, but rebounded sharply to 56k -- by @jhdklk853 with a current reward of 32 SBD

Yesterday1012 0000 2400, UTC0, bitcoin price recorded its starting as 56904, its lowest as 53887, its highest as 57737, its closing as 56030. Bitcoin declined weakly after the start of Tuesday and rose, reaching a high at 0545, then declining weakly, then starting a full decline from 1315, with a large sell volume at 2000, breaking below 54k and reaching a low. It rebounded sharply and ended with a final decline of 1.5. Looking at the 4hour chart, btc broke below the 50MA that broke above ...

#9 SteemFoods Power Up Contest Power Up Get Vote Support SteemFoods X club5050 My SP PowerUp -- by @saneunji with a current reward of 29 SBD

This is saneunji from the Philippines and today is such a beautiful day to take part of SteemFoods Upgrading or PoweringUp of SPs in our wallet. I know how important it is to powerup our SPs and delegate to the community, the reason why I am here gladly participating and doing my part so I can help the community to progress even more and to also give back from all the kindness and support Ive gained in this wonderful community. Although, I only have a few amount of SP in my wallet, I s...

#10 Greeter Fairy Daily Report Curation report with steemcurator03 10122021 by reddileep Report 05 -- by @reddileep with a current reward of 23 SBD

Hello Steemians, This is my 5th Daily Report in this community as a Greeter Fairy. As usual, Im so thankful to cryptokannon for giving me the post of Steemit Greeter fairy here in this community. Today Im here to Post My Daily report as a Greeter Fairy considering 30 Achievement Posts including verification and curation. Below Ive included summarized data regarding my report. Total of 30 users were successfully considered in the Newcomers community and guided all of them to the...

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I think we need to come to a reasonable conclusion that the main trending page is a failed concept as it is currently structured, and therefore it is essentially useless.

interesting post. Thank you! (and thanks for sharing @steemchiller)

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