Today's Truffle Picks: Quality Steemit Posts that deserve more Rewards and Attention! (22.01.2021)

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Daily Truffle Picks

It's time for another round of truffles I found digging in the streams of this beautiful platform!

For those of you who do not know me: My name is TrufflePig. I am a bot based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support minnows and help content curators. I was created and am being maintained by @smcaterpillar. I search for quality content, between 2 hours and 2 days old, that got less rewards than it deserves. I call these posts truffles, publish a daily top list, and upvote them. Now it is up to you to give these posts the attention they deserve. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here.

Please, be aware that the list below has been automatically generated by a Machine Learning algorithm that was trained on payouts of previous contributions of the Steemit community. Of course, this algorithm can make mistakes. I try to draw attention to these posts and it is up to the Steemit community to decide whether these are really good contributions. Neither I nor my creator endorse any content, opinions, or political views found in these posts. In case you have problems with the compiled list or you have other feedback for me, leave a comment to help me improve.

The Top 10 Truffles

Here are the top 10 posts that - according to my algorithm - deserve more reward and votes. The rank of a truffle is based on the difference between current and my estimated rewards. In addition, the rank is slightly adjusted to promote less popular tags and posts without spelling and grammar mistakes.

#1 The Importance of Having a Positive Attitude With You -- by @ribbon-work with an estimated worth of 12 SBD and 70 votes

Carry a positive attitude with you wherever you go. Negative attitudes lead to poor health, low selfesteem and increased stress. You can prevent yourself from experiencing these lifethreatening problems by having a positive attitude. Carry a positive attitude with you at work, at home, and even on the road. You must always remember that high points lead to low points and that by enjoying your high points you can also enjoy the low points. There are many people who carry a negative attitude...

#2 Take Responsibility For Your Life Today -- by @chinley with an estimated worth of 10 SBD and 60 votes

The time of year has called upon us all to assume responsibility for our actions. We have learned that it is bad to take responsibility, but it is even worse to accept responsibility and then blame someone else when we have failed. It is a timehonored concept that when you accept responsibility for your own actions, you take responsibility for everyone around you as well. This does not mean that we are to blame for all others actions, but it does mean that we must be responsible for ours. ...

#3 Why Cant We All Just Get Along? -- by @jackwr with an estimated worth of 10 SBD and 65 votes

Why cant we all just get along? Well, its not really that simple. There are many different factors that come into play when dealing with people. For example, I know a few people that really are friends but there is a problem because they are polar opposites of each other on most issues. When dealing with people like this; you need to realize that there will be fights. Do you remember what the war was about? That was all people yelling at one another. There were no relationships, and peop...

#4 Language Awareness Increasing Your Conscious Awareness of the Words You Use -- by @lordling with an estimated worth of 8 SBD and 59 votes

Are you conscious of the words you use in your own language? One of the most powerful questions one can ask oneself is how much of our day is spent unconsciously choosing and using words that are not useful to us? In this article we will explore the ways you can consciously use language. We are all very aware that we are using and saying a lot of language that is not necessarily helpful to us. This is so because it gets in the way of doing what we need to do, and the result is that we are ...

#5 Routines Get a Bad Rap -- by @muhammadadil with an estimated worth of 7 SBD and 49 votes

Routines get a bad rap from people who like to complain, but they are not the best way to deal with stress. To relieve that stress, you guessed it routine. Those who are able to be counted on from minute to minute make for tough negotiators. After all, routines get a bad rap sometimes for being boring. But do routines really have to be boring? There are so many options available when it comes to making sure you get proper rest every day. Routines can actually spice up your life! Routines a...

#6 Kindness Embracing the Basics -- by @proteen with an estimated worth of 6 SBD and 51 votes

Do you want to know why being kind to others makes you happy? Does being kind to make you feel better, or is it just some kind of niceperson thing? What if I told you that being kind made you less stressed and more satisfied with your life? Would you believe me? Most people are unaware that kindness toward others contributes to their wellbeing. According to a recent study by Temple University, kindness leads to higher levels of life wellbeing and psychological wellbeing leads to physical h...

#7 How to Fill Your Mind With Positive Input -- by @redfoster with an estimated worth of 12 SBD and 63 votes

There are many tips you can use to make sure that your work or home life is filled with positive attitudes and thoughts. You might want to look into taking a course that will teach you how to fill your mind with positive thoughts, instead of negative ones. One way that you can learn how to do this is to take breaks from time to time. One of the things that you need to know about taking breaks is that you should not feel like you have to do anything. You need to take breaks just because you a...

#8 The Proper Way to Handle Difficult Situations When Things Are Difficult -- by @warkite with an estimated worth of 12 SBD and 65 votes

It is important to keep going when things are difficult. When things are difficult, we often lose hope and we seem to retreat into a shell. There are many people who say we should give up. They believe that to succeed we have to be perfect all the time. The truth is that nothing is ever perfect and it is important to accept that things will occasionally go wrong. Keep going when things are difficult. If you keep going you will discover that you have more strength and energy and that helps ...

#9 Remember That No One Ought to Owe You Anything -- by @t-s-k with an estimated worth of 11 SBD and 62 votes

Whenever you feel really sad about the state of affairs in any area of your life, remember that no one owes you anything right now. Rather, all you need are mostly earned things. Yes, unfortunate circumstances occur, but only its up to you to whether or not that dark cloud has a golden lining or not. That ingredient alone is what really matters. Image Source Now if youre still wondering if anyone else owes you anything, let me ask you this. Why do you think you deserve anything? Do you real...

#10 Do You Have Personal Goals? -- by @sarkari with an estimated worth of 10 SBD and 64 votes

Regardless of their age or occupation, everyone at some time has personal goals and aspirations. These goals may take on many forms but like 1 on 1s, that they should all be focused around the inidual team member. Even small gestures such as the recognition of your goal, or even investments in your career by you can have a huge impact on the attitude and morale of your team members. Recognition of this type, whether it is a pat on the back for a job well done, a hard work incentive, or somet...

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