Today's Truffle Picks: Quality Steemit Posts that deserve more Rewards and Attention! (28.03.2020)

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Daily Truffle Picks

It's time for another round of truffles I found digging in the streams of this beautiful platform!

For those of you who do not know me: My name is TrufflePig. I am a bot based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support minnows and help content curators. I was created and am being maintained by @smcaterpillar. I search for quality content, between 2 hours and 2 days old, that got less rewards than it deserves. I call these posts truffles, publish a daily top list, and upvote them. Now it is up to you to give these posts the attention they deserve. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here.

Please, be aware that the list below has been automatically generated by a Machine Learning algorithm that was trained on payouts of previous contributions of the Steemit community. Of course, this algorithm can make mistakes. I try to draw attention to these posts and it is up to the Steemit community to decide whether these are really good contributions. Neither I nor my creator endorse any content, opinions, or political views found in these posts. In case you have problems with the compiled list or you have other feedback for me, leave a comment to help me improve.

The Top 10 Truffles

Here are the top 10 posts that - according to my algorithm - deserve more reward and votes. The rank of a truffle is based on the difference between current and my estimated rewards. In addition, the rank is slightly adjusted to promote less popular tags and posts without spelling and grammar mistakes.

#1 Fully Unplugged From the World for 10 Days, Deep in the Forests of New Mexico -- by @jasonliberty with an estimated worth of 4 SBD and 209 votes

I am back in cell service range with access to the internet once again, after spending 10 days in a row, deep in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, with no phoneinternet and not a single trip into town, despite only being 15 miles north of Silver City and only a half hour drive. It felt good to be back into a real forest after spending several months now in the desert and high desert terrain of the southwest felt more like home to me being used to the forests of Montana, with the tal...

#2 SwiftCash v3.0 HFReset Introducing BlockchainBased Lotteries HODLTerm Deposits -- by @swiftcash with an estimated worth of 5 SBD and 168 votes

SwiftCash is an opensource, selffunded system of decentralized governance and economy, born out of a desire to create a digital store of value and a peertopeer cryptocurrency for daily transactional use along with cheatproof lotteries that can be played by anyone in the blockchain without any custodian or thirdparty service getting involved, as well as onchain HODLTerm deposits. SwiftCash uses the ProofofStake algorithm to reach consensus and allows up to 10 of maximum inflation to be spe...

#3 Battled Played with SPARK PIXIES from Fire Splinters So much Fun and My Strategy -- by @reeta0119 with an estimated worth of 4 SBD and 96 votes

Hello Guys, Now its time to share my battle for this week as per the challenge by splinterlands and this weeks theme is SPARK PIXIES and this is a pretty nice card from untamed edition. Always feels good when your work is appreciated and highlighted with the people. Why I am saying it because my last weeks post was picked by splinterlands team and highlighted in weekly better share contest. This is something that made me so happy and it also encourages me to work even better and works a...

#4 BOABAB BONSAI AND A COUPLE OF REAPERS! -- by @craigcryptoking with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 158 votes

Hey everyone, where do you find your peace? Mostly all of mine comes from nature. The last 11 months odd have been rather brutal. My x and myself got pregnant and from that very day she becamse a monster I never knew albeit dating for 11 years. Sadly now even, my son is 6 weeks old and still she is mean and unreasonable! The pregnancy was leveraged against me and as suspected and based on her last 9 months behaviour she is now leveraging him against me, I knew this would happen from day...

#5 This is why Im deleting my tweets with the tag SteemHostileTakeOver -- by @clixmoney with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 132 votes

When Justin baught steemit, I didnt care that much. I thought with all his traffic he could help steem and make it finally the top cryptocurrencies. But, after he said that he gonna swap it to tron, I was angry like hell. A lot of steemians were ! Then the community started a movement to protect steem and we used SteemHostileTakeOver in twitter. Exactly about month took our community to decided to create an other chain. I was against this idea. I thought we could fight to the end. I thou...

#6 The Local Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse -- by @mariannewest with an estimated worth of 2 SBD and 153 votes

He had an hour to get home. If he didnt make it, the Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse were going to get him. He knew that he shouldnt have stayed out late. After all, they had warned him. First, they had sent him threatening letters signed with wax seals with a cat paw pressed into the wax. He didnt know what to make of that and thought that his silly neighbor was behind it you know, the one who really liked him but he couldnt stand her. It was the smell. He couldnt stand the way she smelled....

#7 Steem Price is very stable on Binance -- by @bala41288 with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 137 votes

It is still a very big surprise to me. Some of the exchanges have opened their trading for Steem already. Binance is one of the exchanges that opened deposit and withdrawal much earlier than the other exchanges. However, binance had not opened trading yet for Hive. Actually they have not even listed Hive on the exchange yet. But they did promise via their twitter post saying that Binance will support the hard fork by listing Hive tokens on the platform. Most the people still think that Binan...

#8 Plague ..Part 7 ...Fighting a Hidden Enemy -- by @johnjgeddes with an estimated worth of 2 SBD and 103 votes

!theplague1898.jpg!Large.jpg Life is full of irony. A few hours ago I was dreading Sarahs disclosure about a secret government plot concerning the plague. I thought shed unfold some lame conspiracy theory and dash to pieces my respect for her. How shortsighted and stupid that belief was! I convinced myself I could possibly tolerate her being vulnerable and wounded but definitely could not manage a high maintenance relationship with a woman I thought was zany. But within hours that al...

#9 Two Handy Schooling Websites for Kids Coding and Physics -- by @bengy with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 128 votes

! Unsplash During this enforced shutdown of the school system in The Netherlands, we are basically on our own with limited guidance from the school to do our homeschooling. They send us a packet of stuff to do, and there is also an online portal to do basic spelling and arithmetic. Our kids are at a Montessori school and not that old either, so there isnt the crazy reliance on homework and pressing weights of incoming exams. That means that we have quite a bit of latitude to try out...

#10 Episode 43 The Grateful Jen Royals -- by @ferrate with an estimated worth of 1 SBD and 171 votes

Its weekends again and this morning seems to have the sun leading in terms of shinning than the usual days gone when the light was all we have. The sun seems to be up very early today and its so hot around. If the weather should continue like this then I think I will have a lot of sitting around for the day. Pixabay Well last night our president gave out his 4th nation address concerning the corona epidemic in the country and well such a great stands he had to make but well its all for...

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