Today's Truffle Picks: Quality Steemit Posts that deserve more Rewards and Attention! (20.01.2020)

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Daily Truffle Picks

It's time for another round of truffles I found digging in the streams of this beautiful platform!

For those of you who do not know me: My name is TrufflePig. I am a bot based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support minnows and help content curators. I was created and am being maintained by @smcaterpillar. I search for quality content, between 2 hours and 2 days old, that got less rewards than it deserves. I call these posts truffles, publish a daily top list, and upvote them. Now it is up to you to give these posts the attention they deserve. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here.

Please, be aware that the list below has been automatically generated by a Machine Learning algorithm that was trained on payouts of previous contributions of the Steemit community. Of course, this algorithm can make mistakes. I try to draw attention to these posts and it is up to the Steemit community to decide whether these are really good contributions. Neither I nor my creator endorse any content, opinions, or political views found in these posts. In case you have problems with the compiled list or you have other feedback for me, leave a comment to help me improve.

The Top 10 Truffles

Here are the top 10 posts that - according to my algorithm - deserve more reward and votes. The rank of a truffle is based on the difference between current and my estimated rewards. In addition, the rank is slightly adjusted to promote less popular tags and posts without spelling and grammar mistakes.

#1 REVIEW The Bands Visit 2007 Movie by Eran Kolirin -- by @mandibil with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 200 votes

Sometimes bad critical reviews in the tailwind of a movie is not justified, though it often is. Good critical reviews that are less justified are further between but they do occur ... and when they do, it is almost always due to political correctness. This movie here, I would argue, falls in that latter category. I dont mind political aspects at all, but I dont like them to be more or less sophistically implied and tried manipulated into my view. When it all comes down, the human experien...

#2 First travel of the year Boracay Part 1 -- by @travelsbyblue with an estimated worth of 5 SBD and 236 votes

Hello Steemitverse and Travelers around the world! I was away for more than two months, been very busy with a lot of things especially last holiday season. Speaking of holiday, I must say that I had an extended holiday trip to Boracay Island. And today, I will be sharing you the first part of my island adventure. I have been in this place 6 years ago. And after the forced closure for 6 months April 14, 2018 it was reopened to the public on October 26, 2018 and I noticed many changes for th...

#3 Trip to UAE The last day in Dubai -- by @irisworld with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 174 votes

a alt Trip to UAE The last day in DubaiRead Trip to UAE The last day in Dubai on for the best experiencehr Other stories and advices about travel to UAE Day 1 in Dubai Accommodation Safari Tour Transportation Palm Jumeirah World Largest Shopping Mall Burj Khalifa Unfortunately, everything has an end, and my dream trip to Dubai finished as well. But it doesnt mean that I gonna stay in the hotel or cafe and just count time till my flight. I have other plans for my last d...

#4 Smith College Greenhouses on My Birthday January 17, 2020 goldenoakfarm -- by @goldenoakfarm with an estimated worth of 4 SBD and 239 votes

The reflection in one of the pond houses I had wanted to wander through the Smith College greenhouses for my birthday. source We entered into the Church Exhibition Gallery and quickly wandered through this exhibit. I had checked it out thoroughly when Id gone to the Chrysanthemum Show in November. source Map of the greenhouses Then we went up through the Physiology House where they had the bulbs being forced for the Bulb Show on March 7th. Then through into the Cold Storage ho...

#5 My entry The Steemleo Weekly Writing Contest Week 4 Can Social Media on the Blockchain Work in the Real World? -- by @the01crow with an estimated worth of 3 SBD and 173 votes

classjustifytext The Steemleo Weekly Writing Contest Week 4 Can Social Media on the Blockchain Work in the Real World What is your experience with social networking on the blockchain i.e. Steembased platforms or other platforms outside of Steem Initially, I participated in Zappchain, this platform was making life for really influential people of the cryptos, sometimes they wrote owners, dev, cofounders, and as a way to give publicity or encourage the use of their product, they offered...

#6 Being Mindful The story of my Life! -- by @rem-steem with an estimated worth of 2 SBD and 143 votes

Its not very too long that Im practicing mindfulness but what Ive achieved in this short period is amazing! Image The idea of mindfulness was not very clear to me five years back. After knowing and trying to incorporate some of this in my daily life, I became a different person. Yeah, Im not overstating. I really feel this way. And, the best thing is mindfulness doesnt require much effort. You just need a little intention to be aware and conscious about whats going on inside you and...

#7 Last Wish A WeekEndFreeWrite -- by @hlezama with an estimated worth of 2 SBD and 173 votes

httpsp1.pxfuel.compreview64523696composingwomanfantasysurreal.jpg Source Greetings, everyone This is my fifth attempt at WeekendFreewrite organized by mariannewest. Prompts in bold italics. I stuck to the five minutes per prompt for the first two, but the last one took me a while to finish. I tell you why at the end. altPower House Creatives Logos FINAL.png br Her eyes were closing, her chin fell towards her chest when the blaring of a horn jolted her. They were back. The pain in her fa...

#8 Altruism Its hip! But is it genuine? -- by @montycashmusic with an estimated worth of 2 SBD and 125 votes

Its hip and trendy to be altruistic in todays world of modern western thinking but is it real? First off lets define for those that arent aware, Altruism according to Google disinterested and selfless concern for the wellbeing of others. some may choose to work with vulnerable elderly people out of altruism In modern western society, we live in a culture of altruism where it is looked at with favour to do good to others and be selfless, and where obvious outward selfishness is looked do...

#9 Using BeautifulSoup and Pandas to look at vegan mental health -- by @pibara with an estimated worth of 4 SBD and 253 votes

I started out writing this blog in response to people telling me they believed that my post about my top ten of pervasive vegan myths was based on nothing but my opinion and not in any way based in science. I already did a Jupyter Notebook based blog post on one of the ten, longevity claims, where I showed that in the dataset underlying the China Study, cholesterol, saturated fat and animal protein were actually all in the top ten of food stuff most positively associated with longevity. In ...

#10 Newbies Intro To Cryptogaming Play Ethermon for free -- by @veryanprime with an estimated worth of 2 SBD and 151 votes

All images in this article are taken from In order for cryptogaming to thrive, it needs to attract more users. Unfortunately there is a fairly high bar for entry, both in cost and knowledge. Most people are used to simply downloading a game they want to try, testing it for a bit, and then deciding if they want to spend money on it. Cryptogames, on the other hand, frequently require an upfront investment as well as regular gas fees. This will drive away a lot of casual players. ...

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