My Gratitude

in #steemit6 years ago

In my mother tongue, which is shona, we have an old adage which goes like "kusatenda huroyi." Translated to the Queens language of instruction it reads, "ingratitude is the twin of witchcraft."

Therefore, to avoid being a witch I would love to express my gratitude towards two steemit citizens. These two men have been helpful through their posts and feedback on my posts also.

To begin with, I would say a big thank you @amec. Amec was close to my tour guide during my steemit teething stage. He woulg go through my posts, advice on how I could improve and also make relevant tags to my posts. For that, I appreciate.

Secondly, a big thank you yet again to @tojukaka. This one has been a visionary and automatically became my role model. Tojukaka posts content with insight and inspiration. Together with his #SundaySelfies contest, he has made my stay on steemit worthwhile. Not because of the prizes, but the interaction that starts from the platform. Thank you my leader.

Conclusively, I would also love to say thank you to all steemit citizens for keeping this network alive.

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