Why Invest in Other ALTCOIN rather than BITCOIN?? (MY RESEARCH POST #1)

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Hello Again Fellow STEEMIANS

@trisun here for another episode of MY RESEARCH


This post is base on collective ideas in different web sources and base on my personal knowledge about BUSINESS, So please correct me if i'm wrong. :)


Have you ever wonder why or how the price of one (1) CRYPTO CURRENCY go UP and DOWN, what are the factors affecting it and to were should we invest?

Is it right to invest in BITCOIN ? or shall we invest on other ALTCOIN that has a potential to grow like BITCOIN?



Factors Affecting the Price of "CRYTPO CURRENCY"

1. Supply and Demand

= before getting into buying altcoin, try to research about its circulating supply in the market.
when SUPPLY is Greater than DEMAND the price of one commodity is LOW
when SUPPLY is Less than DEMAND the price of product is HIGH


given that each product from the start has a base price of 1:1$ ratio.

Supply = 10
Demand = 5
PRICE = ???

5/10= .5

product available for each BUYER is 2, so its value or price is .5cents per piece

but if
Supply = 5
Demand = 10
Price = ???

10/5 = 2

product available for each Buyer is .5
so each 2 buyer should share 1 commodity..
and that gives BITCOIN a 1$ for a .5 or half the product
the higher the demand, the smaller the commodity that one (1) buyer can get..

lets put the situation in BITCOIN 1.jpg

from the START bitcoin has cents VALUE, but due to its HIGH DEMAND its price skyrocketed from a cents to almost $3,000 in the present,
the early you get into buying BITCOIN or other POTENTIAL ALTCOIN the Better.. it's like your on the TOP of the FOOD chain, first come first serve and the other shall wait :))


this is when BITCOIN started at 2009, small demand that's why the price is lower


this is when the amount of investment is equal to the CURRENT CIRCULATING supply


and This Illustrations shows the current Value of Bitcoin

more people are into the other side, and many are yet want to go into investing BITCOIN. So apparently just like the FIAT CURRENCY* as what i always say to my friends, MONEY(FIAT CURRECY) is JUST a PIECE of PAPER PRINTED by the WORLD BANK as a MEDIUM of EXCHANGE, but when people don't recognize it. then it has no VALUE at ALL.

Imagine a CRYPTO with a VERY high SUPPLY, don't expect it even if it reaches the market cap of BITCOIN today, never this will value, as BITCOIN


so basically, before diving in to one crypto, you should know that there are great people behind it, and they are dedicated to this particular crypto, with no intention to runaway investors money.

3) The Purpose of CRYPTO

a crypto with purpose, like for buying goods in the internet, for international remittance, as medium of exchange, etc..

4) Institution that Accept it

Bitcoin is the most widely accepted CRYPTO now in the market/society, there are some places or business establishment were you can buy there items using BITCOIN.

So think now, should i buy BITCOIN or think of ALTCOIN that has the better PURPOSE ? i don't have to mention any ALTCOIN, it's now up to you to discover, :)?

If There are something you want to add to this, feel free to comment.
thanks for reading my post

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item 2, 3,and 4 are all fundamentals... you dont trade fundamentals with crypto... they just add confluence to ur decisions. trade with technical analysis. its how its done in the crypto space... the most unwanted coins are the once that pump hard, not the ones with great fundamentals.

when you invest in crypto, always thinks what the money makers are up to. that will be your cue.

fundamentals will kill uou. I learned the hard way.


thanks, i know that, i'm not pertaining to your PUMP and DUMP, its for a long term INVESTMENT


everything in the market is a pump and dump.

i hope your familiar with this. Stages of a bull run. same as pump and dump cycle. pinaganda lng ang term.


Familiar na Familiar po, may punto ka, at ang punto ko lang dyan kabayan ay kung saan yong LONG TERM na pwede mag invest maliban kay BITCOIN, sa nangyayari ngayon na tumataas ang value, syempre natural may nag pump at bukod pa don, yong emosyon ng bawat isa na parang bitcoin lang ang pwedeng asahan, na meron namang alternative kay bitcoin, di ako magaling sa trading kabayan, NAIINTINDIHAN KO ANG PUNTO MO,. at alam ko professional ka na sa trading.

hindi po pump and dump ang punto ko.. kung ang market man ay pump and dump :))


sending you a link. a complete guide to understanding cryptocurrencies...

It will help you giving othet people sound advices when it comes to cryptospace.

foundation of all crypto traders...
hope u become a good trader someday.


follow wolf of polo in this site. you will learn a lot from him.


OK , salamat kabayan,


keep in touch

Excellent post. Im curious to see what happens with BTC and BCC over the next few days.


it depends on feelings of people and how investor will react, and to where they are going to invest. :)

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