Steemit Feature Suggestion: Language filter | IMPORTANT | International users are coming!

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Hello dear Steemeans!

First of all, RESTEEMIT if you think this will be an useful feature!


We are very new to the Steemit community but we are already in love with you guys!

You can check out our #IntroduceYourself post if you like to know more about us...

Let's go to the point.

We want to share our excitement with our friends and followers and bring them here!

But we've been struggling with one thing: Language.
As most of our community is either french or portuguese speaking...

It's a very important feature as more and more international members are coming.

We are not the first ones to think of this...

Before posting, we did a search and saw that there are many members asking for this upgrade!
And some users are proposing actual technical solutions:

And the list goes on and on...

Possible features suggestions:

  1. Add a "6th tag" exclusively for the language code. (eg. FR, PT, EN, ES...)
  2. Have a dropdown menu so that users don't need to find out themselves what is a correct tag for their language.
  3. Allow users to be able to exclude or select posts by language

So let's get this feature!

I don't know how it will be done but lets get this post to be hearded by all the community by upvoting, comenting and resteemit.

What do you think about this? ¿Qué piensas sobre esto? Was denkst du darüber? 你覺得這個怎樣? あなたはこのことについてどう思いますか?Cosa ne pensi di questo? Que penses-tu de cela? Hva tenker du om dette? 당신은 이것에 대해 어떻게 생각하십니까?


Big Love <3

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I speak 5 languages and i totally agree as some of my friends do not speak very good english and would like to communicate in their language (Italian and Spanish) would be awesome to have a button like in facebook or chrome - Translate this page or comment

I think that this will be a must-have feature very soon, it is nice to see all international newcomers but I can't really read anything in Korean, or Chinese, or Finnish... 😮


You are right @almvide and the are too many language related tags in the featured tags section.

Totally agree, and I think there is a general consensus system-wide that the delivery of such capability is now part-and-parcel with Steemit's growth aspirations.

I often have content that I don't want to direct to ANY one language in particular. Whoever sees it, and wants to engage, however they want/can, is sometimes my goal.

Exactly how to best achieve that is the million-steem-dollar question, however. If adding language tags is too laborious or convoluted a task right now, I'd settle for a solely visual queue in the interface itself, for awhile (e.g. language icons).

For the interim, I might just add some brief language details to the footer .gif I was looking to have made to trail each of my comments. Not searchable at all, but still something...


There are plenty of solutions but this would be a great beginning @beckerly

There is open issue on Github:

If you have a Github account, you can leave a comment and ask for developers to prioritize this feature.

I am strongly in favor of such a feature.

I am not sure adding a new tag is the solution as it would require a change in the blockchain protocol. But the applications based that blockchain such a steemit should enable users to filter content much more easily.

Internationalization of the interface could also be a nice thing to have, I am sure many user would participate with entousiasm.


Great @oroger! Yes it would be great to connect even more.
But do you know where is the most effective place to post such suggestion?

I completely agree! I feel we need to include new & easy ways for people to translate posts to their own language. The audience is very limited & we need to share knowledge with the world!!

This would be a great feature. I have been using a translation works but if something was easier to use on Steemit that would be good.

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Très intéressant!!


Merci !

Je suis 100% d'accord!!! I agree with you at 100% ! It's sometimes a bit painful to explain this to my language community :p Thanks for your post !