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RE: Steemit Paid Voting Bots Guide Part 3: Advanced ROI Theory for @Randowhale, @Booster, Whaleshares

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Upvoted and resteemed for good analysis.
I think vote buying is bad for the steem economy and I would be considering dedicating my SP toward suppresing it. Right now it's it's a cool gambling experiment but I hope in the future some level of oversight is being exercised by the people selling their vote.

It would be interesting if you could come up with an article on the cost of reaching a level of exposure on Steem.

For example ratio of steem needed to be vested vs steem earned by an upvote. Some cool data could also be extracted from the numbers of views earned by a top trending post vs lower voting. So basically a distribution graph of rshares vs views on


I'm very interested in figuring that out actually. Going to look into that this weekend, via steemsql. Thanks for the upvote and resteem!!

While vote buying might be bad, the reality, of the situation is that anybody that invested a good amount of time into creating content, will hope to get something in return for it. If a person spends 3 days to write a thoughtful piece of content and has had no success with earning, then that user might come to the conclusion that promoting their content is equally important and hence use all of the available means on offer. The other options would be to give up on writing or scale it down along with their expectations.

I'm pretty sure that's what happens, just depends on how long an individual is prepared to keep at it. Some stop very fast and some might try and try for months, as is evident in the blogosphere in general. On the other hand the financial reward is at least in sight on Steemit.

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