Feature bounty, $150 in BTC + SBD from this post to whoever get this feature added to steemit's internal market.

in steemit •  last year

To improve the SBD peg to the USD I propose to add the USD:STEEM witness price feed on the internal market trading interface.

This will help people buy and sell Steem with SBD more easily by allowing them to refer to what's supposed to be the external market price as reported by the witnesses.

Will pay out the bounty once this "feature" get merged into Steemit. 

In the event that multiple people contribute to the pull request I'll try to split the reward as fairly as I can.

Update: "Average" should be replaced by "Median" 

Each hour a median is taken, the resulting feed is the median of the hourly samples over the past 3.5 days -Smooth
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that would be really helpful
most of the time i have to open 3 windows to see what is going on with sbd


I support with your comment 👍👍
Great suggestion 👌


WOW Frma de hacer cash... happy


In support of this bounty, we have allocated a 100 BEYONDBIT vote from @fuzzyvest to increase the payout. Cheers!


Frank APPROVES this proposal by @transisto

I use the Internal Market and wondered why this feature was never added?

P.S. Congrats BTW on your 1300th Follower and am your 1301 ;)


Wow always learning and following you as your young padawun! :)

This was Very Helpful and I have always wondered what was a good price to do SBD for STEEM. I think this will answer that question in the Future once implemented. Thank You @transisto and STEEM On !!

Informative article !

Cool. Did anyone get the prize yet?

Informative post.
Since i m newbie here. Please upvote me. I have upvoted you.

good idea!

its good suggestion, also if possible graph of like week, so we see how much sbd cost like 2 days ago, so if there is some upswing or downswing we will know

informative article, upvoted!

It would be an excellent function. And then I spend a lot of time on calculating SBD into dollars and back :)

I'm learn of your post,thanks!

Please restemt. I m follow yu @transisto.

nice one i see it's very powerfull .
please let me but anather power site link

from now,would be easier. thnx

Will see if i can find developers on the steemgigs discord to do this! Thank you alot for using the tag

Most of the time i have to open like 50 windows to see what is actually going on 😵

I think is a great implementation .... we need initiatives like this that will quicken the process

This will be good

this is definitely something I could get done; next steps?

Wouldn't it help as well if the Power Up would get used more instead of people buying STEEM via the market for SBD? Maybe this could get improved by giving a better rate or reducing the time (3.5 days). The interest increase as described by @ausbitbank should definately help as well.

hi @transisto. Do you care to explain why you downvoted my post: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@cryptohazard/i-hate-updating-my-witness?

As far as I can tell, that's the first time I interact with you and I don't see a reason why you would downvote me.

Please remove it. Thanks.


My flag was only symbolic, only at like 5%. I found your post to be like the selfish rant someone would post to his facebook friends.
Good luck with your witness node.


That's not what the flag is for, if I may say. You could have just ignore my post or comment...
Anyway if there was no stubborn people like me to fight with the code and manage to make the witness node work, it would be bad. I mean documentation is still lacking after a year around here.

That is good to know i hope the price to get 's better now :)

I can not help you but if someone can explain why I could insert 6 tags instead of 5 I offer 5 SBD 😉


Very good idea thank you for suggesting and I hope it is added!

I'm not sure what is Min and Max? AFAIK the API is returning only the median.