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Live footage of me saying goodbye to my Facebook 'like' button after I found Steemit

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Hello @traf

Facebook is an amazing place for any serious business blogger. But the level of Ignorance on that Platform still baffles me. Imagine someone Liking a post announcing an Obitruary.

Even though Facebook has come under fire over the last few months, I believe that it is still going to be a long time before we heard the last of Zucks.

His plunging into VR is a proof that he won't die easy.

His latest crazy invention Facebook Watch is another scary Invention that is set to upset Youtube Marketing in the coming Months.

Youtube algorithm is mere basic Math in comparism to what Watch can do.

Watch will enable Marketers target a particular demographic down to the their Favourite resturant.

Now I know why I was asked to choose Movie and Places I like when I was opening my Facebook account.



I completely agree, entities at the cutting edge of tech are going to be very difficult to take down
some say that the rate at which established giant companies getting taken out by newer, smarter companies is increasing, but i'm not 100% sure that this applies to top tech companies
we'll see, blockchain has the potential to do it if they don't get in on it quick enough, interesting times

Hello @trafalgar

Coming from a World where companies like IBM were once kings, I can surely say that Facebook and Google will not remain the tech kings for long.

Amazon is even quickly catching up and I believe that they can do major damage with Alexa coupled with the fact that there are strong indications that they are Venturing into Blockchain.

Judging from History no Company has held the reins of superiority Indefinitely when It comes to Tech.

Innovation in that area is fast. The only thing that makes it seem slower is that we Humans are slow.

There will always be the early adopters, but it will be long before market penetration reaches an optimum percent.

It just like what's happening in the VR sector, I also don't believe that we are going to be using those humongous googles being designed now.

I believe that by the time VR will achieve full adoption, those Googles would have been modified and whittled down to Contact Lenses.



I agree with you. Steemit has a long way to compete with Facebook. But it has potentiality to challenge Facebook if it improves on UI and performance.

Hello @samee

I believe that Steemit cannot replace Facebook. Facebook will always has its users.

No piece of Innovation ever replaces the previous one.

When the Television came out, people said the radio will die but it is still here. The same thing happened when it was said that the Internet will sabotage TV.

But TV still has its place and the Radio is coming back strongly in the form of Podcasting.

That is why I have huge hopes for d-sound.

Voice on its own is powerful because it gives people to do one thing that they love and that's Multitasking.

The Fact that Someone who works a 9-5 can listen to audio books or tutorials on things that matter to them while driving to and from work is amazing



definitely, we're still word's away

Lolol. I think I'm banned on Facebook. It automatically logs out everytime I open it. It might be because of too much promoting of steemit in Facebook haha. Goodbye fb.

LOL they can't handle competition

Yeah they can't.They shouldn't be selfish.

hahah....:) pretty cool. ...
frankly FB is just waste of time, with some fake likes and dislikes, in addition to unknown friends requests, People out there were so dumb,they put likes on everything, even if you were in hospital (loll)

I stopped using Facebook 10 years ago. Not a joke. It's more about bragging than anything else. The only thing you will learn is that you will get depressed on there because people only take photos and post during the times when they are not miserable and then you think it's their daily life situation

People are more happy bringing there personal life into public. It is just a showcase,whether be real or not. I believe most of the status update are fake. even i stopped using FB since 2012, although got pretty late information about steemit, joined 1 month back and found far worthy. @steemit upvoted :)

Hehe I am guessing we are just the beginning of the people migrating over to Steemit. The more the merrier

Agree...bit late to sign in learning phase :).....

Not late at all the party is just getting started

Yupp...rightly said

I wouldn't know, I only have like 40 fb friends and I only actually know maybe 3 of them on there lol

Then how will your exes be able to stalk you or parents be able to track your every move?? Oh wait, that's the point.

thanks ya I agree

Wow @traf, you managed to attract the upvote of @trafalgar! And a 100% one too!

But seriously, nice gif :)

I think it's definitely one of my better lines and on a subject matter that should have wide appeal here
I'm not reluctant to vote on short content that I think would grab ppl's attention or viral worthy, and we're definitely missing that here

I wish I could do what you did but I need FB for work and stuff.

Resteemed your post...

Hahaha legit!

Haha:)) that is a classy!

thank you :)

Wow Amazing. i like your all post.

They banned me on facebook and instagram too.. said that i was being too explicit and my content did not meet the requirements of community. Screw your community facebook. We are all here on steemit now. Decentralised and awesome..

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I really like your way of expression

thank you :)

Hi everyone, great post. My facebook account was disabled this week. I was hoping to use it to create a community for crowdfunding. Just shows you how you are at the mercy of them. I wake up and gone!

This was due to not wanting to send in my ID. My posts tend to be anti illuminati so I did push the boundaries. So it is RIP Facebook

I am hoping steemit gives me my freedom of speech and I think I have an opportunity to fundraise for social and global causes here, which will benefit everyone. I love the idea of this community how right now there is soooo much opportunity.

Relatable. Still use different social media for work-related stuff.