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when you finally get an upvote but it's on a post more than 7 days old

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Someday I should do that to you, just for fun! ;)
Kidding haha.

lol don't do it! a bit of me dies on the inside when that happens

Haha - I know the feeling well. Truly a 'Yay' then 'Ugh' kinda experience ;)

yup, definitely :)

i remember when I had one of my posts get more than $1 worth of upvotes. One of the happiest moments of my Steemit career. Now if only I could do that again. Haha


I know, right?

Aw hell, what even is an upvote?

Not much these days, but soon, you'll see! :-D

Hahaaa .
everyone knows the feeling when we got an upvote on 7days old post @traf

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For some reason every once in a while a whale will upvote my old posts at 100%, I am starting to thing they might be trolling me :(

lol... Vote for you

Hehe good choice of gif. I have already watched 3 breaking bad marathons.

I am not a hundred though which scene this is... I guess I will find out next marathon

That's the same reaction I had when I first came across your amazingly witty one liners, but saw the bigger picture. Reaction also applicable when minnows get a minuscule amount of votes on a new blog post after lots of quality effort, just to see it peak for a few pennies after the first 7 hours.

I did that before, on purpose.

Funny Video

Nothing good lasts more than 7 days...

Except for "puppy monkey baby". That will be awesome forever.

the video from the ring isn't so great either...

Haha good one ☝️

Wait a minute. Did you actually read my last long form post? I didn't think that was actually allowed here.

I know everything about you hanz
you love watching horror movies and going on U2 groupies with your brother in law

LOL. Dude I have another one to add to that. My father in law is currently not speaking to me. To be fair, the last words I said to him started with "M" and ended with "ucker".

you naughty boy you!

Hahahah..... its ok may be the person has just woke from comma... you should be thankful