Steemit: Why Use AK 47 When You Can Use A Pen

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I believe the gun has no power because a gun can only kill, but a pen can give life- Malala Yousafzai

Why Use AK 47 When You Can Use A Pen

This phrase was a popular one during my university days as it was employed by the then Student Union Government General Secretary. It highlights the importance of pen to public administration. While pondering on it, I see its usefulness to the steemit community.


Crime and violence are increasing at an alarming rate throughout the world. Terrorism, robbery, and wars are the order of the day in every country now. Every second life, properties, and structures are destroyed. All this are affecting the victim's countries and its economy. People now live in fear as security is not guaranteed. Money ought to be spent on building nation are devoted to averting and solving crime issues. Several factors are responsible for this with unemployment playing a larger role to this menace.

The unemployed section of the population of the world is increasing daily due to many reasons with bad governance as one of it. Youths make up over 80% of the population of unemployed people in a country. The governments in many countries are not paying attention to unemployment of youth which in turn has led to high rate of crimes. Most of these offenses are carried out by young people who blame it on unemployment. Almost every daily robbery and burglary incidences are performed by these young jobless ones.


No doubt the quote "an idle man is a devil workshop" is being fulfilled in the world. When these young people have nothing to call a job despite looking for one they result in violence. The quick money mentality also plays a role in the high rate of crimes. However, this mentality is still a function of the high level of unemployment in the world.

Crime and unemployment have been said to be arithmetically associated such that an increase in the degree of unemployment will produce an increase in the crime rate. So tackling unemployment will lead to a drastic reduction in the crime rates.


The media has been said to be one of the strongest sectors in the world as it is a database of information. The strength of it cannot be underrated but yet remain unexploited. Its usefulness is numerous. To some, it's a job while to some it is a medium to convey their ideas and projects through the word all through the pen. In this context, the pen does not necessarily need to be a virtual one but one that inputs anything into the media world.

It has been used to solve many issues and also to create problems. It all depends on the user. It has been the medium of the solution to many wars and corruption cases. It is also the source of many great articles that have birthed tremendous changes and growth in all sectors of the world. It is capable of destroying a person, family, organization and a country. Hence it must never be underrated. It is a great tool in the hand of its user. It carries with it the power to kill although slowly in the form of frustration, depression, and suicide.

It is stronger than an AK47

cross-collector-pen-made-with-recycled-ak47-rifle-14-1360x830.jpg source

Virtually, this phrase has been affirmed through the Fonderie 47 Collector’s-Edition Pen produced by Cross and Fronderie 47. The pen highlights the power of writing over weapons. It is believed that buying one means you have sponsored the destruction of one AK 47 as that pen is made from metals gotten from the destruction of a particular AK47. Which is established as the serial number of the particular rifle is written on the side of the pen.
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Steemit was created to help people. I believe providing unemployment is one of the helps it is providing individuals and it has done that to a large extent. Steemit has done what many jobs could not do. It has fulfilled the notion of providing money overnight while asleep as established by a steemian also @ehiboss thus reducing crimes. It has provided a platform for these jobless youth to add vlalues to the world.

To many, it is a full-time job. In its capacity, it is gradually reducing the unemployment rate and in turn crime rates. Youths who would have ended up in being a robber are now on steemit sharing their ideas that are capable of improving the world to the steemit community. It has engaged many youths in creative thinking. It has been a cure to the crime precursor- idleness and still doing that till this present second. It has alleviated poverty in developing countries and still doing that.

Its usefulness is numerous and is still in the business of being useful to the world. It is also expanding its functions as new ideas are flowing into the community.

So why don't you stop a crime, violence or war from happening?

Why don't you protect life, property, and building?

Why don't you save someone from being a robber?

Why don't you reduce unemployment and crimes?

Why don't you alleviate poverty?

Why don't you pull someone from the deadly idleness zone?


Spread Steemit to your community, friends, family, and nation.

I guess you do realize all this depends on us. I believe you will act this and be of help to others.

Thanks for reading.

If you love this post, I need your feedback in the form of comments as it is food to my steemit body. It will also help to improve me and the steemit community at large. This, in turn, translates to the reduction in crime rates. If you disagree also, you can comment also

Keep steeming.

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You're title is quite catchy and I like it. But you're right - writing is a powerful tool. And I'm very glad that you can use it to your advantage!


Thanks alot. Indeed it is a powerful one when use in the right way. Thanks

The pen is mightier than the sword.

If people will learn to use the pen and be diplomatic instead of relying on arms and ammunition, then the world will be a better place.

Awesome post


Yes it will avert many wars and crimes

Very sticky topics to discuss but you pulled the first bit off really well. Its a hard truth to realize sometimes but crime rate and high unemployment rated areas are proportionally related.
Media as well is huge! especially these days where it is so easy to access, younger and younger kids are getting more proficient on them as time goes on. I believe Steemit, although crypto market wise stays relatively stable (not last week, excellent time to buy more :D) is an excellent place for people to connect and interact and also collect rewards at the same time. Yes issues are there but its still so new :)
Cheers mate, thanks for the words!

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Yes there is always a bad side to everything if not managed well
The idea about the media and the pen on the post was to share it's strength and the usefulness of steemit as a mighty weapon


Absolutely, Steemit is fantastic. Even for me it just brought out my creative side :)


You right bro. Keep steeming and keep spreading steemit

I agree with the sentiment of the post but AK47's are a heck of a lot of fun to shoot

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You are definitely right
The concept of the message is to highlight is disadvantages and to show we don't really need it

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

the same pen that indoctrinated people with religion....and false hope....

but indeed it's better to have a pen of love than a weapon of mass destruction...if the pen would be used wisely...but that's another subject..


Yes you are definitely
Like i said the pen has many uses which is a function of the user
Thanks for reading. I appreciate

Agreed... but the sad part is the ones who call the global shots won't see this as an obstacle in luring young lads from entering a world of crime. The major reason being that this is all decentralized.. On one hand, it is a good thing, but on the other, they will still find their ways to control world economies, wage wars, pass bills in the congress and whatnot, only because their so-called 'centralized' system of pretty much everything gives them a lot more power, than it gives to us as individuals on platforms like Steemit. This is the reason now they're after bitcoin and imposing bans country by country, because they just don't want to take the risk! :)

Yes, it's us who can keep spreading the word and empower more and more people to share their thoughts and stay away from the negative elements this world has to offer - but my question is, is this enough to stop those global atrocities? Will it be enough in another 10 years?


Oh the government
You do know the pen could be used against them through writing some powerful articles but the freedom of writing does not really hold
I believe there are other instruments to stop the atrocities
Also in 10 years new ideas will have been birthed to solve the issues
Efforts will keep on be released to solve the issue including steemit which would have experience greater growth leading to solving more problems


I hope all that happens! Otherwise our future generations will be living under worse global conditions.


We have to keep our hope alive and believe also.


Yes, certainly.

Thank you so much for dropping this, we need to help others just as steemit has helped mot of us.


Yes. we exist for each other o he platform.

This time around the pen is mightier than the gun. What a nice pice, imenjoyed reading it


Thanks alot. Glad you enjoyed it

Very true, this song has that in the lyrics


Thanks for sharing this with me

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nice this post

Thats true only cowards who cant fight wisely use guns, all that they know is to kill, a true human always uses his mind

Hey tormiwah, love your attitude and reasoning behind the mighty pen.
Much love from Germany