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Channels or water channels are one of the important aspects that must exist in every environment. This water channel is very necessary especially in the event of rain, large volumes of water will make the road or the pages around the house inundated, therefore this water channel needs to be made so that water has a shelter and can flow smoothly so the water is not covering roads and pages around the house that can cause the environment to become flooded.
These waterways often have problems that can affect the environment. Such problems can be in the form of obstacles such as waste that can lead to uninterrupted water flow and clogging. These problems can also be generated from houses that are built irregularly, so that the water channels are made also sometimes do not pay attention to the condition of the surrounding environment, consequently many houses that make their own water channels are not clear where the disposal, which sometimes just accumulate in some places and potentially cause flooding.

The problems in this water channel have short-term and long-term impacts that are equally harmful to the surrounding environment. Short-term impacts such as floods or puddles in some places can be uncomfortable for anyone around them. This puddle also sometimes can cause unpleasant odors. The long-term impact of course with various problems in this water channel will potentially cause flooding. Puddles created by the problems in this waterway if left for a long time also potentially become a hotbed of mosquitoes that can cause various diseases.
Water channel is one important aspect for the environment, therefore it is expected that the whole community, especially in the residential areas of the residents to create water channels by considering the conditions in the environment. The public is also expected to maintain the water channel so that no problems that can harm all parties.
Problem Formulation
The formulation of the problem in this case is any problem that often occurs in the water channel. Any impact caused by problems in water slurry. How to prevent problems in waterways.
Problem Restrictions
Restrictions on the issue in this case are made so that the discussion is not out of the limits that have been determined.

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