This Is How You Cultivate A quality Steemit Following

in steemit •  3 months ago

Cultivating a corner of Steemit free of closed-minded and petty people is hard

As naturally a community of quality will attract the mediocre in droves.

But it's very much worth doing.

This is why I encourage unfollowing and muting the petty and closed-minded.

This will improve your blogs

Most people think egotistically not strategically

"I won't mute as I'll seem weak"

Who cares what they think?

If you want to maintain quality conversations, you will have to mute many, many people.

Just 1 reason I have more followers in 3 months than most have in 3 years.

I am confident in my ability to assess the quality of another person's mind irrespective of whether I share their viewpoints or not.

I am a strong proponent of viewpoint diversity, but I WILL NOT subject myself nor my followers to mediocre minds.

This is how you cultivate a quality following.

I've had more success with Steemit than most trying to make a name for themselves.

I call this strategy tactical blocking.

It's a filtering mechanism to improve conversational quality

Better quality conversation = more followers.


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