[Steemit tips] Comments can pay really well and are the best way to improve the community

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

I've been using a lot of the websites I mentioned in my last post recently and I noticed that some of the comments that I've left on people's posts are earning more than my own posts! In that sense it's 'easy money'. Not that that's what comments should be seen as, I just want to clarify their value. Some comments have paid more than posts that have taken quite a while to write! It can take just a few seconds to leave a decent comment and some will even lead to flowing conversation/debate between a group of Steemians. Just adding something that the author has missed, extending upon their ideas or even correcting them at times are good things to do. It adds quality and is so easy to do. Sometimes a post can take ages to write and then go completely unnoticed! It is not very often that I comment and don't at least get a reply. Look at how much this comment earned (not my own):

Here's a look at how comments do consistently pay for me:

You may have seen another of my posts where I said 'I have Steem Power because I want to reward good content from my community'. Now ever since I wrote that the vast majority of the upvotes I've given out have been to posts in my feed i.e. who I follow (that includes most of my followers). This is the reason why I decided to write this post about commenting. If you've written good posts since then, I follow you and I've not upvoted you in that time, it's probably because unfortunately I didn't notice it. However, if you had left a comment on any of my posts in that time, there's a good chance I would have looked at your profile and would have seen it. I've also noticed that a decent comment can get you a new follower who upvotes loads of your posts so it's well worth doing. If you leave really good comments, on really good posts, you're going to have a really good Steemit community. That's the point: having a good community. I'm not saying go spam posts with 'nice post' that's the opposite of what I'm saying. Really, commenting is about building relationships and this is a big part of effective posting on Steemit.

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post then please upvote, resteem and/or comment.



I agree with you @tomsweet.

Nice one @el-morenza thanks for the re-steem too

You're welcome bro

good to know. Thanks!

cheers @ deebo420 i like your name ;)
Saw you were playing Fifa - I've been playing since the first one on Mega Drive!

thanks brotha! that whats up dude! :)

Dude, our minds... thoughts seem to be paralleling. Sometimes it seems my most intense essays don't get noticed... (or understood at times.) I've been writing a long-ass time... independently because I don't like structured guidelines...
Anyway, before I ramble... "followed" probably the most significant follow of this new week. I look forward to your tips and musings.
Cheers.. @noxsoma

That's very nice of you my friend, thank you.
I look forward to more of your posts too - I'm getting so many good responses it's great

So actually reading the post and supplying a reply that is relevant to the information that you have read is very valuable and can pay you back ×10.......
Great analysis Mr. Sweet your kicking butt!!

Thanks mate... and @clearbluecrypto has known the value of comments for ages
Always getting great feedback from him

Thank you my man, as alway thank you for the information.

Did you get discord dude?

Yes im searching for you tomsweet but i cant find you bro.

oh yeah i think everyone has 4 numbers (discord tag) you need too search - tomsweet0099

Yeah, some plankton think that just because they don't have great content to put out that they can't contribute. I try to point out in the steem.chat that there's plenty of posts out there without meaningful comments of any kind. Since I'm not much of a content creator my comments end up doing much better :D

Yeah I've seen some profiles with no posts and a really high reputation. There is a lot of posts that don't get any comments. Also there's some really poor quality posts. It would be better for the community and more beneficial to the individual to replace poor posts with engaging with good ones...
Really like and appreciate your comment @schrosct

very true is a matter of just making a good comment

Thanks for the tips. I still new to this, putting in a lot of effort for little result (though I didn't join up just to make money). But this sounds like it's at least worth trying.

Thanks sounds like you get it. It wants to be good quality comments, that add value to good posts. One thing about steemit is your post is in the feed of so many people at first then very quickly no one so it's worth building a community through comments and gaining followers.

Thanks again

I love to comment, never seen anyone upvoting it, however, I do 50-100 comments daily on different posts of the steemians just to encourage them and keep the spirit of discussion.

Well people should be upvoting them more! They have hidden benefits like followers too.
This comment got you an upvote and a follower (at least) so some work :)

Thanks for your goodness! I appreciate!

Definitely agree with you here. I have more than 1,000 posts and only 41 are my own blog posts so I am very actively engaging in the comments sections of many content creators because I feel I can add value and engage with the community. Not only has it left me with more rewards than my own posts but it has also led people to follow me. It is very well worth it on a relatively basis.

All these comments will add a lot to my post too when people look at it.
That's what I liked so much about reddit, the comments.
Thanks for re-enforcing my post so well.

I do comment always but people find it difficult to upvote you. I think this is what we do for our selves in order to encourage each other.

I think upvotes do naturally bring more upvotes from others
One thing I will say is you have good posts but a lot of your comments are just complimentary, which is nice but doesn't particularly add value. I can tell from your posts you're knowledgeable so if you find some posts to share it - I'm sure you'll see better results
Cheers mate

Noticed that commenting works well too and can often lead to quality followers. I've also seen a rising trend in serial commenters who write junk like good post or something else brief. Often these serial commenters can't speak the language of the author let alone understand the post.
I try to always try to include my understanding, appreciation and a thought or two. Just writing 'good work' and hoping a whale upvotes you isn't very effective unless you follow and upvote.

Yeah definitely. I edited this after first post because I didn't want to be misunderstood. Those serial commenters are basically spamming and that won't bring any positives at all. People will tell if you're insincere.' Quality followers' is spot on - spammers won't get them. My point really is commenting is under utilized considering it's usefulness. Like now, I'm going to look at your profile and that wouldn't have happened if you hadn't commented...

Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there.

I agree @dailyxkcd gotta have that drive!

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Good post.. Thanks a lot...

So so true. I learned this by my second week.

You have good (and interesting) posts I've noticed

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Hi @tomsweet

Thanks for posting a great topic. I totally agree that leaving a quality comment is important, especially for us newbs. I try to leave a comment on any post that I upvote and that I think has value.

I also answer every single reply I get to my posts, at least to show appreciation at the time spent reading my work. To not reply seems like a bit of a slap in the face. :O I guess it's easier to cover at the moment because I'm new with smaller numbers but I can't imagine changing this policy in the future.

I guess for us beginners it's all about hard work, consistency and a little quality. How many posts do you recommend upvoting and re-steeming per day?

Cheers for now, Gaz.

Hi @cheese4ead thank you. Yeah I agree, I try and reply to everything apart from spam. I have seen some whales complaining about their commitment to replying to everything though lol. We're probably okay for the time being :)

I think re-steeming is good but I personally want my profile in order with my own posts. In order to re-steem I just use resteemable and that way my profile remains just my posts if that makes sense. Hopefully one day there will be more options on profile settings...

For curation rewards re-steeming could be really useful I guess but I haven't looked into it as I haven't got enough SP yet to earn much curation...

Upvoting I think is really important. I have read (from good sources) that never letting your voting power below 80% or resting at 100% for too long is the ideal. So best would be say: go on steem once a day running your voting power from 99% to 80% then next day 99% to 80% and so on...

Thanks for your good comments hopefully I'll see more
Cheers mate

You're welcome.

I've yet to really get my head around re-steeming and curation but I try to upvote anything of quality, follow and if it's a really good post then re-steem. I didn't realise there was a direct curation reward for this. I just thought it was about adding value to your followers, so that's a bonus.

I'll try to keep the upvote numbers in mind too.

Cheers, Gaz.

Nice one Gaz,

All those things you're doing are good in my opinion mate. I would like to re-steem more it is literally just the filling up my profile/blog page that stops me utilizing it...

One thing, I don't think there's a direct curation reward for re-steem (sorry for being unclear). It's just if you upvote something, then re-steem it, that re-steem could attract more upvotes which would push price up and lead to better curation reward...

There's so much to understand on Steemit. If you find something that works share it too. I've found if I pre-upvote my own post I'll earn a higher % but I find less people upvote (because they can't earn curation) so a lot of things are trial and error...

Cheers, Tom

No worries. I read that bit incorrectly. What you said makes sense about upvoting first then re-steeming. I will definitely pass on anything I figure out or research along the way. Gaz.

Good one ....👍🏿

Thanks mate that's sound of you

this is a great guide for the minows! thank you for this article! :^D

Thanks - I liked your post on Digibyte

I read this somewhere but reading this here again makes a lot of sense

That's brilliant - thanks @udywriter

Being fairly new here I am so happy to come across new people with this attitude, and sharing it. Seems obvious to me, this is where the real value and longevity for everyone, in community. I am growing this organically and have also noticed I get more from comments than posts and thats cool. I like replying on content that interest me and I do find those obvious "please up vote me" comments so ridiculous! The more sharing of your attitude, the better!

You've got it spot on @trudereed
Nice posts and website too - It's all about making those connections, getting noticed and your comment is another one that has led to me following and upvoting a post...

I comment after reading a thoughtful article or piece of fiction. I appreciate the hard work of my followers and am happy to see good writing succeed. What you are doing encourages other writers. I love to vote newbies and watch how they develop on Steemit. Nice job with curation.

Thank you very much @wandrnrose it's nice to get those positive words from someone with so many posts and such good feedback. Just a quick look in your comments section is an excellent example for anyone reading this post.

Thanks @tomsweet! This community is ripe with exceptional writers who are sharing free fiction and poetry alongside crypto and photography! I wish there were more hours in the day, but alas, I work a day job, too. Thanks for the kind words.

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