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It's hard to get noticed at first on Steemit. A commonly used practice is buying upvotes and resteems to gain extra exposure. This extra exposure can in turn get you more followers. In fact, if you look in the comments to posts in trending, more often than not they have been resteemed and upvoted by bid-bots paid by the post's author. It can be a polarizing subject, many Steemians think the system lacks integrity but bid-bots are a common thing on Steemit.

The quality of the service varies from one to another. Some really are awful and represent no value for money at all - I can upvote to a higher value myself than some of them! However, you can find some who are much better and will upvote to a value nearer to what you pay. Always check the profile of the service/bot before sending any Steem/SBD - they could well be out of service and not sending refunds. This can happen by reading an old post. I've spotted some myself and it's amazing how much money people are still sending!

Another thing to bear in mind is the best services are very busy. They may even be so popular that they have to refund some or all of your payment because they're out of voting power. They could be so busy that it you wait days for the resteem/upvotes. These kind of services are most likely not going to be sending memos advertising they're services! Most of the memos sent with transactions are from useless services, offering a valueless upvote for 0.2 SBD or more!


If you're thinking about bid-bots and don't know where to start I'd recommend visiting https://steembottracker.com
Always remember to look for value for money and investigate the particular service/bot as much as possible before sending any Steem/SBD.
This is a decent list of services I got from there:

This is just a drop in the ocean in terms of the number of different bid-bots available. There's even loads more just on the site I obtained these from but it's a decent place to start if you're new to Steemit.


P.S. Bid-bots certainly aren't needed to have a full experience on Steemit and you may personally never want to use them.

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post then please upvote, resteem and/or comment.



This is just what I needed to know. I've been experimenting with upvote services. I actually did better before I started keeping track of what I was doing. I think maybe I'll go back to the non-strategy strategy. Well done, up-voted!!

Brilliant, that's just the kind of response I was looking for.

Very informative, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

I didn't think that there were many bots on this website, as it seems to be all about building a community of bloggers who support each other.

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Thank you very much.
Just off to work but I'll check that out later.

Resteemed many posts from your blog to my 990 followers
thank you+

Thank you for sharing this information.

No problem. Thanks for commenting...

This is very interesting! I am learning a lot about these bid bots (I am still new to this and most of it confuses me) haha. Although I personally doubt I will use them it really helped me learn a bit more about them! So thank you for that! :)

That link was very helpful also!

I'm glad you found it useful :)

There's so much to try and comprehend at first on Steemit! I probably should have said: say you paid 10 Steem for upvotes, all of a sudden your post would be attractive to 'whales' who are not reading posts but merely upvoting for curation rewards... I just looked at your profile you're doing really well - you'll probably be trending soon enough anyway...

Thanks for replying @annemariemay

Thank you for saying that! I hope so! haha
And thank you for clarifying! :)

Good information! but... although I do not agree with the use of bot

Thanks @darkfemme

It would be perfect if there wasn't a benefit from using them. Idealistically speaking - I don't agree with bots either

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Great post my man, really sharp research. I'm going to visit the site https://steembottracker.com
Thanks again many will benefit from your research.

They are good to use if you have quality posts.If you think you will make money with buying votes..not.You can't earn from them.

Excellent point I nearly put the first part in a reply a minute ago but my message was getting long...

Thank you for good response

Thanks @tomsweet for the insight into bots and upvoting/resteeming. I haven't been on here long and the information you give is helpful!

I'm glad my post was of assistance.
Thanks @bprange

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