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I am glad to welcome you, dear readers. Today I want to present you a very unusual, interesting and good project.


We are experiencing an ever-changing world, especially when it comes to development. Since the advent of the Internet, we have had major technological changes that have affected the lives of many people year after year.

Children born after the 1990s grew up with the development of technology, witnessed the emergence of the Internet, and watched the constant evolution of electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones.


With the increasing number of children using electronic devices, especially mobile devices, concerns among parents are growing because with this technological wave it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the time of use and the content watched by children and adolescents.

In other words, parents lose control over the content and time their children spend in front of smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, TVs, and other devices with Internet access.


The most important stage of human life
Everyone knows that the infantile phase until the end of adolescence is the most important and significant phase in human life, because it is then that the creature develops until it reaches adulthood. Therefore, it is essential to have a good education at this stage of life, at the stage of knowledge and training that will prepare you for adulthood.

Stages of cognitive development of children from birth to 2 years-this is the stage that the child learns the world through the senses and manipulation of objects; between 2 and 7 years-this is the stage at which the child develops memory and imagination; from 7 to 11-this is the phase in which the child becomes more aware of external events in which Skills that include learning development are: sensation, perception, image formation, conceptualization and symbolization.

As for knowledge, it is a set of psychological processes, including attention, logic and reasoning; the name "knowledge" comes from the writings of Aristotle and Plato, dated between the 4th and 5th centuries before the birth of Christ.

The knowledge that children develop at an early stage of their development will be absorbed by their consciousness and will become part of their being in the near future. Venuti believes that games play an important role in child development as they stimulate his imagination. And that the knowledge gained from games at this stage of life can be useful in the social and professional life of a person.


Problem solution
In search of a way to develop a child-friendly digital environment, Venoty is developing a user platform based on blockchain technology, created and planned by experts in areas such as education, psychology and information technology.

The platform will allow children to develop their imagination and shape their personality in a secure, controlled and parent-centered digital environment. We can say that the Venoty platform will form the phase of development of the child, stimulating his creativity and thus helping in the educational process and in his personal development in General.


Children will have access to a variety of options as well as endless learning opportunities within the platform, such as:

Access to content offered by parents;
The development of a common knowledge;
Develop sensually;
Develop your own creativity and imagination;
Acquisition of self-care abilities;
Achieving the goals set by the parents;

In addition to the range of content and features, the platform will be easily accessible and understandable for both parents and children, thus becoming an ideal tool for all ages, for all people.

Parents as tool managers will have full control over the mechanisms offered within the platform, such as:

Create, manage, and edit multiple profiles;
Content management by age;
Report on time spent in the app;
Send invitation;
Venoty market entry;
Request history;
To obtain information about the balance;
Block applications;
To use a currency venoty;
You can learn more about the platform from Venoty's official website:


About the token:
Venoty will have its own currency based on the scrypt algorithm, the same used cryptocurrency as litecoin, as Venoty believes it is a suitable algorithm to apply the currency target according to the platform.

VTNY is an exchange currency that can be used as a means of payment, quickly and safely, in peer-to-peer transactions.


Project team:
The team behind the project are professional people from fields that include education, culture and technology, and they are committed to providing a complete educational platform that will benefit children from around the world in their developmental stages.



Project road map:

Venoty is one of those projects that is very exciting for blockchain enthusiasts, bringing something completely new and differentiated to the cryptocurrency market, opening up new opportunities for this wide technological Universe that has not yet been studied.

As for the product offered by Venoty, it really is something quite promising that can have mass adoption, as it provides the need for a child generation increasingly connected, as well as for parents who can have full control over what their children gain access to in your virtual world.


Thank you for your attention!
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