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The introduction of the Internet has brought many innovations into our lives. Internet mania, which began in the early 1960s, has continued to evolve to the present day. This technology has been a leader for many developments. This same technology has given entrepreneurs new ideas for the development of blockchain-based systems. Many developers have implemented their projects through the blockchain and have contributed to the development of this system.

Many cryptocurrencies were introduced through the blockchain network structure. These crypto-coins combined such functions as security, social networks, data systems. Some projects, such as Ethereum, have allowed developers to create smart contracts in their own terms. Over time, the excess micro-processing of the Ethereum network, this network slowed to a stop. The Ethereum network, based on a system of miners ' approval of processing units, has created unique opportunities for data transfer from person to person. However, hackers who attack the Ethereum network in particular to announce their name have done a lot of damage to this network. Astronomical amounts of data sent in milliseconds have led to a dead end in the Ethereum network . After this situation, the number of blocks that the miners had to solve began to increase. Due to the inability of supercomputers and advanced mining devices to unravel these blocks, gas prices have reached astronomical figures.


These infrastructures, which use the traditional pow system, are no longer able to adapt to technological developments. These blocks are quite open to 51% of attacks aimed at destroying systems. Malicious software has the ability to intervene in all blockcarin once it has 51% of the production capacity. With the recent attack, this again caught the attention of all users. Pirate called the block chain will never be broken were broken as a result of interference.


Aware of the challenges of mining and infrastructure in the current cryptocurrency market, the Gravity team has implemented its own independent systems. This system uses empty areas of phones and computers, unlike a data mining system that uses graphics cards or servers. Gravity uses millions of free space in telephone and computer systems for mining. Using all current CPU power performance in-place Grabity is designed to use only idle computer power. In this way, users can participate in the data mining system by performing daily operations on their phones or computers.


Node System
Gravity has solved the scalability problem in existing networks with a number of systems. Each user is responsible for the resolution of some blocks in the system network. These users, micro-nodes, check only their own processes and other processes. These users who do not deal with large block sizes do not have to download and store any data . The processes from the micro nodes then meet with the macro nodes. Macro nodes store data in their sources, unlike micro nodes. Then all this processed data is sent to the super-nodes. These nodes, consisting of powerful computers, are designed to support the life of the entire system. Super node allows all micro and macro nodes to function integrated with the system.


Distributed Storage
Existing decentralized applications in the market are developed in a hybrid structure. The data from these applications are stored on internal servers and not on the blockchain-nodes. This data on the servers is vulnerable and vulnerable to attack at any time. The Gravity system allows you to store all application data in block nodes.


Genesis Lifting Mechanism
In a traditional blockchain-the structures of the nodal structure and the blocks grow over time . This increases the capacity of each user who logs on to the system will download and refuse to use the system. With this system designed by the Gravity command, when the micro nodes reach a certain amount of memory, this data is automatically transferred to the super nodes.

A Collection Of Nodes
Over time, the increase in data sets leads to an overload of the host systems. This situation leads to systems operating at low power. Gravity drives on aggregated data sets scattered throughout the system increase free capacity.

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The Gravity project, which has completely different features, guaranteed listing in stock markets like OKEx and Huobi. In addition, the team received a diploma in the blockchain competition of hundreds of people and is entitled to receive grants from large funds . You can view this project with all these features through the following social media channels.


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