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The fact is that each participant of the decentralized market is aware that without a cryptocurrency wallet he can not take any action. Cryptocurrency wallet is known to be the main factor of the entire workflow . With this wallet, a person can both buy and sell digital assets and store them without any time limits. In the current period, there are many types of wallets, but each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Today I will tell you about a project that will solve the problems. This project is called the AIR WALLET.


What problems and how to solve them?
First of all, if there are some shortcomings in a particular wallet, all the available advantages can be quickly overcome without a certain time frame. And as a result, when you have a regular amount of assets stored there, it's obvious that you won't be happy to have any problems with the wallet.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to almost every type of wallet. Although the mobile wallet is one of the most ideal types of wallets, unfortunately, its use and security depends on the security of your phone. Because your phone can easily be lost, broken and, worse, stolen by a robber with bad intentions. Although the use of online wallets is one of the easiest and most convenient types, security is disrupted by attacks from various phishing sites and other hackers. As the most reliable type of wallet, you can move the hardware. But he's got a lot of problems.

It was planned to collect in detail all the features of each wallet into a common pool, creating a wallet that combines high processing speed, high security and ease of use. Not only did they think about it, but they provided us with a project called Air wallet, allowing us to develop in a short time.


What is a project and how will it work?
The first priority of Air wallet is to make the world of crypto-money closer, safer, more convenient and interesting.

We can start from here, which is the question we all ask, airdrop logic, how it is and why it is necessary. The simple answer to this question lies in the fact that the introduction of the companies-the makers of ICO is very effective and useful. That is why you can create additional users, drawing people's attention to the project. At the same time, it is also an additional gate for participating participants. For these reasons, drops have become an integral part of the entire cryptocurrency market. However, many users because this application is very complex and takes too long to participate in airdrop is a step aside. Our project will eliminate this problem by activating air wallet and allow users to participate in airdrop with just one click. There will be only one thing users have to do, the room will be selected and click to join the desired project. Immediately after that, the current system will perform all routine tasks on your behalf. As an airdrop lover, I can share what I find quite reasonable and exciting.


Registering with air wallet will be very easy. This will be a satisfactory development for you. There are only a few things you need. If we talk about these things, we can sort them out as follows.

First, Air wallet must be downloaded to a compatible smartphone,
Once you have downloaded the app, you must provide a password to register by logging in. After this process, you will be prompted to leave a fingerprint on your finger and create a word to recover your password, etc.on possible password loss.
After performing all the above operations, the screen will display information about what features and capabilities of Air wallet are available.
In addition, Air wallet will have a feature that allows users to connect all social networks. Thus, you can easily and quickly participate in airdrop.


Sales and ICO details
The project team will release tokens called air for the development and future of the platform. The number of units that will be released on the market is units. The cost of one air token in the sales process is up to $ 0.06.

About the token:


Project team:


Project road map:


I think the main idea of the project will be quite popular. The existence of a wallet that is equipped with features that are impossible to hide. In particular, the privilege of spending time will be very pleasant.

Thank you for attention!
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