I'll be giving away 5.00 Steem Dollars, in celebration of surpassing 500 followers!

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

To celebrate this glorious milestone, I'll be giving back to my following, by randomly selecting one lucky winner for a 5.00 Steem Dollar giveaway grand prize!

The steps to enter are simple:

  • Follow me on Steemit
  • Up-vote this Post
  • Re-Steem this Post
  • Use the Link below to Complete your Entry

Simply tap or click here to enter for a chance to win!

Thank you all so very much.

Having over 500 of you too cool guys and gals following me really means a lot, and I'm really looking forward to my next milestone of 1,000 followers, where I'll be giving away 10.00 more Steem Backed Dollars!


woop woop! Congratulations on your 500 follower milestone. You truly deserve it! It's been such a pleasure to get to know you through your posts. Keep up your great work. Looking forward to 10 000 followers too :)

Resteeming and celebrating the success of my friend :)

And thank you for always being there to show me "real support", if ya know what I mean, and I look forward to helping and watching your presence here on Steemit grow as well Lucy!

Congratulations Tolkatore! You deserve it, you've really cultivated an active and engaged following, and all without the use of bots! My hat goes off to you.

Btw this is my first ever resteem, so hope that's another ego boost for you :D

Ha ha, it sure does, and I'm the same way... it takes a lot for me to re-Steem something as well. I appreciate it as always, and I wish you much luck!

And fuck bots!

Awsome dude
The Tolkatore Cafe is growing so fast pretty soon you'll have to take over one of those closed Kmarts near you

Ha! It's funny you mentioned it, because the last Kmart by me is finally closing down... so I'll have to look into that. 😉

Remember Woolworths?

At least in US, they are long gone. Kmart is rushing to catch up with them. Sears and JC Penny to follow.
Amazon is destroying brick and mortar retail.

Dang, you must be as old as me to remember Woolworth's (don't ask), but yeah... Amazon is the great destroyer, and I'm part of the problem.

Destructive evolution (creative destruction) is not really a problem, it’s just one path evolution can take. Unless, of course, you are the one being destructed.

I'm good, and there will always be things Amazon cannot do, so it's best to focus on those things if ya wanna create, or stay in business.

Already following.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Used the link.

Now, can I get lucky just for once in my lifetime?:D

Anyway, congrats on 500 followers. With the current Steemit growth you will be at 1000 soon.

Ha ha, I know the feeling bud, and thanks for always being around, and the best of luck to you!

This is a really nice givaway! 500 followers is awesome. I hope to reach that milestone too by the end of april. I am now just over 400 so the end of march would be a little to optimistic i thinnk. Anyway congratz with your milestone and i am counting forward with you to the 1000 followers ;)

The journey is the best part, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and good luck to you my friend!

Hey congratulation for reaching 500 followers. I know how it feels. There is no better feeling than having a group of people who follow you and are interested in your content. I am glad that this happened. You will attain 100 followers soon.

By the way your new profile pic is Awesome.

Hey thanks bud, and I'm gonna enjoy the journey getting there, that's for damn sure!

Give me


Wow congrats bro, this is awesome. I remember how excited I was also when I got my 500 followers. Now I am also looking forward to having 1000 follower milestone.

Congrats man..

As long as we stick to it, and create quality posts as often as we can, they'll be nothing to stop us from achieving our next big milestone!

Followed and Up-voted :D :D :D

Thanks a million, and again, good luck!

goodluck to you bro :)

Congrats always cool to hear about how everybody is doing. Keep at it I see a 1000 in the near future

Thank you, and good luck!

Congratulations 👍

The steps to enter are simple:

I don't see the referal link 🤔😐😃

Simply tap or click here to enlarge the image.

First of all, congrats my friend. Well deserved

Hey thanks bud, it means a lot, and good luck!

We are happy and proud being part of your steemit family.

Hey thanks, it's been really an awesome experience so far!

Hope the best is yet to come.

I think so, because Steemit is only going to get better as the months go on, so I do believe it will.

Lets make this happen together 😊

Gratz and good luck to all :)

Hey thanks buddy, I appreciate you helping me get here, and good luck!

All was done
Nice work man 500 followers is hard to get

It sure is, and I couldn't be prouder!

As you should

Thanks for sharing.
Resteemit Done

Appreciate that, and good luck!

Thanks for giving back!

Hey, you guys are the ones who got me where I'm at, so it just feels right!

Golden opportunity 🤑🤑

Free chance to win some money, what could be better than that, and good luck!

Congrats for your 500 followers. Next 500 will be a lot quicker

Ha ha, yeah, that usually is the case, and I sure hope so!

Okay, would do the necessary and try my luck. Kudos buddy

Ha ha, I hear ya, and good luck!

Congrats my friend. You're a great and generous soul, so you deserve more and more.

Now now, don't give me too much credit, and good luck!

Thank you very much, I am relatively new to steemit if you can help me I would be grateful. Your initiative is fantastic.

Just follow and help helpful folks, and they will help you along your journey mate.

thank you so much

Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring.

Hey I appreciate your kind words, and I wish you the best of luck!

😊 thank you!

Awesome @tolkatore! Congratulations for your 500 followers.

Hey thanks @guilleoro, I appreciate it, and good luck to you!

Big big congrats my friend @tolkatore.

Such a great feat you have attained.
I hope to get mine some day (like really soon).


Ha ha, I like how you added that (like really soon) in there bud, and as long as you work hard at it, you'll get everything you want in this life!

500 is a small number. You deserve a bigger number. Your growth will be exponential once the market picks up.

It's only the beginning my friend, and good luck!

congrats for 500!
you are really an inspiration!

Hey thanks bud, it wasn't easy, but you guys definitely made it fun along the way!

more fun loading!

That's a great gesture bro...

It's the least I could do, because I wouldn't be where I am at without you guys, and good luck!

You are a great soul bro... God bless...

I'm feeling kind of lucky right now...
Congrats mate

I hope so, and I wish you luck!

Congrats to your success and thanks for this giveaway 😊

The pleasure is all mine, and thanks for the support, and good luck!

Congrats On The Milestone! 500 Followers Woo!!

Hey thanks bud, I appreciate it, and good luck!

Thank-you :)

Heartly Congratulations on 500th Follower.
Getting such big milestone needs quite hardwork..
Hope u get @ 1000 soon.. Gl..

I hope so too bud, and good luck!

Congratulation! Wish you more success!

Hey thanks bud, and I appreciate your support... good luck!

Next 500 are coming a hell lot quicker. Anyways congrats on 500 followers.

Hey I hope so, and good luck!

Good luck to you too man.

Godbless you man!

With this dip in price I assume you might have bought in more Steem. You will be a whale when Steem drops to $1. Isn't it ?

Congratulations brother on achieving this milestone. Wish your a happy journey.


saw this post and i too am nearing 500 followers and will do the same. Great idea.

congratulations. wishing you always successful, me Too.

Congrats on the milestone and thank you for the generous giveaway!

nice work ..good luck..

Congrats! I followed all of the steps and I'm feeling lucky! It's St Patrick's Day and I'm a bit Irish :) I'm really celebrating with you because I reached 500 followers last night and posted a contest to give away SBD too. Check it out if you're interested. Happy to find another person to cheer for!

thanks for sharing this awesom article

Thank you, and good luck!

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