Dtube/Steemit : Plankton Tips, Learn the Ecosystem. Knowledge is Power ! ( Dtube )

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Plankton life is all about exploring Dtube/Steemit, interacting with the community, jumping into comments and finding a passion for the blockshain. Why are you here ?

Anyone saying they didn't think of some financial gain when joining Steemit is a liar. Everyone wants to make a little bit of income for their post and feel rewarded for content. People can enter Steemit with $$$ in their eyes to the point they never learn what makes the blockchain so amazing.

Finding passion for the blockchain is the most important step of Steemit. Second most import thing is content quality. Posting on Steemit but never exploring Steemit will yield low results and frustration with the blockchain.


Honestly, I feel many other social media platform teach bad posting and comment habits. Steemit has taught me so much about proper comments, post and online social interaction. New users tend to carry bad habits from other social media and this results in post that get no momentum.

Beyond posting habits that are unfavorable to the Steemit ecosystem, they can carry bad comment habits too. Good comments on Steemit should be a paragraph long, I'd add a picture to give more value. The comment should revolve around the post and show that you watched the video, try making a comment that gives to the topic.

Below is a example of a good comment that got the eyes of the post creator and paid off. Not every comment you make of this quality will get paid out but it increases your chances. Beyond that it's just respect, short comments show the person took very little time to absorb the content.


I've spent just 2 months on Steemit and the blockchain. Going back to other social media sites already hurts my head. The blockchain creates a form of respect you don't see in other platforms. In return the users reward people who show respect and quality post/comments.

Beyond good posting habits finding your "niche" in Steemit can be pretty important at Plankton status. There are countless Easter Eggs in the Steemit based system. I'm still very new myself, exploring this deep ocean and loving every minute. Steemit can look very simple but it's very deep and has lots of nooks and crannies, niche groups and evolving platforms added everyday.

Steemits evolving ecosystem is still very young. I've yet to find the bottom and I've been exploring these waters 2 months. Diving into the system, finding sub groups, learning Steemit inside and out while engaging with Steemit members is important to Steemit growth.

Steemit is endless, dive in.


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An interesting analysis. But in my opinion, when it comes to comment sometimes a short honest compliment and questions are enough. actualy being interesting in what the person has to say, and showing it by following their work. And you're right, exploring before and trying to find what you like is the most important part.

I agree, I’m kinda talking to people who are trying to grab attention. Bigger , longer post with pics just stand out more because of pic/size. In the end, Steemit can be anything you want it to be and still be from the heart. I agree on this 100%

Absorbed the whole video, thank you Todd.
I have started yesterday at d.tube and try to figure out the best way to create a good usefull channel

Glad you enjoyed the video my friend. Dtube/Steemit is a very deep ocean. Take time to explore it and you'll get rewarded.