My Steemit Exprience (8 Months Later)

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Do You Enjoy The Ride So Far?

I asked myself this morning and the answer was: FUCK YEAH!

I have been quite positive, cheerful and optimistic lately if any of you noticed. Why? Well, there are a few reasons to be honest, but one of the main reasons is that I just don't give a shite about Steemit and the rest altcoins anymore. Heyyyyyy, don't get it the wrong way! Let me explain first!

As I've said before, when I joined Steemit I was promised that by the end of 2018 Steem's price would be hundreds of $$$ each. And to be honest, during January and the first half of February the prices were so high that I totally believed the hype. For fuck's sake, I did quit one of my writing gigs at Ancient Origins, I had a mini-argument with my editor-in-chief at American Express that led to my 145-day abstention from the website's editorial, while I thought that Steemit is here to take care of me for the rest of my costly life. WRONG MOVE...


In the meanwhile I withdrawn a couple of thousand Euros back in February (when SBD price was around $5,60) and everything was fine (in my head). And then one drop after another came and I started to get stressed, angry, frustrated and so on. So what did I do next? What every wise kid should do in such circumstances: FOCUS ON THE REAL WORLD.

I contacted Amex's team and made peace with them. Soon after they took me back, they upgraded me to deputy editor from staff writer. I think they picked this way to demonstrate their own wrongdoing in our "conflict." I was also lucky to get a new gig as a copy editor at History Collection, while I sent a few pitches to major websites for guest posts that were accepted.

To make a long story short, I've made a shitton of money during the past 3 months or so. Gig after gig have been knocking on my door, while I have two jobs that offer me the safety of a very satisfying monthly income. Off Steemit, right!


As for Steemit? After 8 months I've come to realize a few things better. I once said that Steemit is its people, but unconsciously I excluded myself. Since I post on Steemit daily, I am one of them too. So, it was not Steemit's fault that I decided to give the middle finger to "traditional" sources of income that have provided me a very comfortable lifestyle for years. It was MY FAULT! I am beyond belief grateful that Amex took me back and for the new gig I found at HC.

Steemit is what you make it out to be after all. If you didn't have money to buy cigarettes or chewing gums when you joined it and now you've made a few thousand of Euros thanks to Steemit, then more power to you. I personally don't call this thing life-changing but each his own.

If you use Steemit to flag people with less power than you because in real life you can't look the cashier of the supermarket in the eyes, then I kinda feel sorry for a way! I mean, it ain't funny if you have been the bullied kid all your life.


If you use Steemit as a primary source of income with the current prices, then I totally feel sorry for you! Nothing to add here as I did this stupid mistake myself for a couple of months.

At this point I use Steemit simply because I like it better than any other social media. In my opinion it's wayyyyyy better (and obviously more rewarding) than Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. So, why not?

However, some people act like they use it as a social media when in reality they work all day long on it. I see a few peeps who only haven't done laundry and dishwashing for the communities they are working for. Sure, if you can't find something better in the real world, go for it. Just don't play it cool and act like Steemit is just another social media for you. It ain't; it's your whole life ;)


Until Steemit pumps harder than Rocco Siffredi pumps the punani, my advice is to never quit your real job and hope/pray for the best. After all, if the prices go up one day, you can proudly claim that you were one of the very first adapters. An OG! If not, no biggie as it was just another social media "expedition" for you, aiight?

A few thousand Bitshares

8,000 Bench

Almost 2,000 SP

1,673 SBD

In (crypto) theory, I am already a millionaire, ain't I? I DID IT!!! Didn't I?


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You can still declare the loss and decrease your taxable income (if you get rid of your STEEM). I think you did what you felt it was right at a particular moment and circumstances did not work. Some people spend their whole lives in the same environment and do not venture out, for being "too risky"