Lemonholic No More!

in #steemit2 years ago

@Ned's back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will stop drinking lemonade and get back on track with sobriety!!! I stopped my power down too and I am seriously considering to spend a couple of thousand Euros to buy a few thousands of Steem. I'll become rich!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crypto's changed my life!!!!!! My faith saved me!!!!!!!! Haduken!!!!!!!!


And when you will become rich will you remember me? 😊

You are always in my heart cutie pie ;)

Hahaha. Good for you. That laptop is in serious risk with all those drinks on it.
Is Ned really back? I have not read any updates.

Trust me, I am being VERY careful with my laptop ;)

And I think he's back... Not sure if he stays too long though!

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