Cryptocurrency, Rasputin = Deep Fat Fried!

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My podcast Deep Fat Fried recently tackled the subjects of Cryptocurrency and "the mad monk" Grigori Rasputin.

We show a lot of love to Steem and Steemit at 37:59.

I hope that you will enjoy this show. Thanks for your support!


Gonna check it out

Thanks, man! We appreciate it deeply.

Had no idea ya had a podcast going TJ!

It's good that your on most of the platforms so followers have more option to choose which one is the most comfortable - I do notice myself being more on podcast nowadays tho

Yes, indeed. I was the co-creator of The Drunken Peasants podcast, which at it's height was getting over 100k views/listens an episode.

I quit that show, due to no longer liking its format, and started Deep Fat Fried, which you can find on YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes and a few other locations.

I know it's unrelated to this video but I must say.
You're fucking right TJ,
dTube need a better uploader.
Fuck youtube.
DFF need to be on dTube.

I thought it was funny how the people constantly talking about Bitcoin suddenly went silent as soon as it plummeted in value.

Cool a new DFF. I hope Tj and Scotty argue and that Paul talks too much in this episode.

ah fuck yeah. My day has been a boring af Monday. I totally forgot this came out on Mondays, but it's great because now I actually have something to look forward to on Mondays.

Thanks for the info too. This site is the only Crypto I use atm, so I honestly don't know a ton about how crypto works. I'm vaguely aware that I will need to turn Steem into some other currency before I can sell that to get paid. That's about it.

Steem has at least got a purpose.

it's neat how crypto isn't just a joke anymore, even my 50 year old parents were talking about how they should have invested in bitcoins. there's even a japanese pop group centered around cryptocurrency

Good Luck...please visited and vote ^_^

You can also publish podcasts on DSound (although this podcast has video), but well, I discovered that and DLive a few days ago.

Are you going to upload this to

Ok boy.


Just about to sit down and watch some DFF!

umm is this really tjkirk's account?
tj kirk the amazing atheist?

yea and yes :)... he actually talks about using Steemit in this and other videos. But I love that you live up to your name @skeptic XD

i have some questions for him if it is him.
I need to talk to someone thats a big name about what goes on behind the mask of this platform and is willing to look at the evidenve and say something insted of realizing whats going on and shutting ther fuck up outa fear and not wanting to lose money.

Also i wish i never took the name, it brings alot of problems. Provide any evidence on any subject proving someone wrong and instantly they pull out the card of "i thought you would be more skeptical with the name you have", like all of a sudden i can only be skeptical of the ideas they dis agree with. IDK its a shit storm and i hope this comment doens get my account killed.
If it is TJ i need to link him to whats going on here so he realizes what hes supporting if he really is who he is and is atually shilling for steemit now.

Thanks for the comment though and hopefully i will get a chance to check a video out of his where he talks about steemit.

do you use Discord? if not i believe you can reach him directly on twitter too (i cant guarantee that though)...

Yeah, i can see how your name can be a double-edged sword... XD its a great name though! i almost wish there was a 'skepticbot' that would act skeptically about certain posts when summoned :D but to deal with that as a user can get annoying...
Also I don't think that you comment will give you any trouble. Its all about free speech here, no one can kill you account... they can downvote you, but that is usually done in response to abuse and not disagreement of opinions.

Umm, yeah thats kinda what im talking about. i have had my account killed many times for wrong thing and can point anyone in the direction of the evidence if wanted. understand the moment i link to anything or say any names they are summoned and i am back to 6months of repairing my account so its not censored.
The rabbit hole id deep and from outside not looking under the mask it is what you say, but when you look at the actual chain and the blocks that cant be change from the begining your perception o what this platform is will change drastically.
people think youtube and facebook or twitter are censored have not really seen what goes down on steemit.
There is no rush either, information is flowing and censorship can only slow it down, its not going to stop it.
Do you really want to see evidence that proves your living a steemit lie? Once you have seen what is really going on you cant pretend you dont see it, you either become one of the dammed or a defender of the sjw mafia and become another cult member ignoring the truth for a couple bucks?
IDK im drunk and by the end of this ima have trouble replying to anything. I can provide links to anything i state and for that have been censored many times. im not new here and the wool no longer obstructs my view anymore.

I dont have discord, i have nothing but steemit. i arrived after the great crash of because the flee of twexit in 2016 was to great for the sealion platform to hold, Ended up here as i heard stories that this was a place for free speech and was anticensorship, wow was i wrong and i had no clue the fight i was going to be in.....

More censorship then twwitter, facebook and youtube combined. you just dont see it because its all been censored.

The point about Rasputin's dick is a really funny story. Not only because there is a 99% chance the whole story was bs anyway.

The fact that people actually worshiped it though is the best thing. Well...actually maybe the fact that there were competing claims of who actually had/has the dick. Back in the day in Russia, a ton of people claimed they had his dick. So you would have freak shows and such coming through town claiming to have his dick.

Just watching it now, and started with crypto

the rasputins penis segment is gold

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Bout time someone start talking about Steem on Deep Fat Fried!!!! Will there be a separate channel for the podcast or will everything continue to be posted under +tjkirk?

Personally, I find DFF to be very hit and miss. This particular episode is superb while others are pretty dull. Fortunately, the lows of these shows are still much more than shilling and yammering on of most podcasts these days.

Keep this work up, you are definitely on an upward trajectory .

Happy fucking Birthday TJ!!

Ok, you sold me on Steemit :)

Rasputin was a HODLER

I like your post

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