@tipU Website Update (16.07.2019)

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Good news :) Finally @tipU webiste got some love and few key sections were added. Let's have a look:



You can now request upvote from @tipU to promote your content without need to go into your steemit wallet.
Screenshot_2019-07-16  tipU Web App.png

Simply go to https://tipu.online/promote, choose your payment and enter the link to the post :) The website also gives you some basic info how this works, might be helpful if you are new to @tipU services or steem in general.


This one is nice, I hope that https://tipu.online/swap will help to popularize the swap functionality. Basically it allows you to quickly (almost instantly) exchange SBD to STEEM or STEEM to SBD at market prices. The are no fees for the operation :)

Screenshot_2019-07-16  tipU Web App(1).png


Here you can make a @tipU deposit that can be used to send tips, request upvotes or subscribe to favorite authors
Screenshot_2019-07-16  tipU Web App(4).png.

Now I know that the visual presentation is not particularly striking ;) but it's pretty functional. In some time in the future I will be probably updating the website look to a more fancy theme.

Also I still need to integrate KeyChain for more convenient use but it shouldn't take to much time (soonTM).

That's all for now, take care!

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I like the updates! what about @swapsteem integration? :)

I'm out of the loop with this one and the webiste is down at the moment. Does it allow to trade steem-engine tokens? How an integration like this should work?

Again with webiste... or am I out of the loop on this? Is this like HODL?

Nice website updates

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I tried the swap feature but it's not instant? In fact i haven't received my SBD yet... Please do it or refund asap... Price is very sensitive now... i sent quite a bit of STEEM :/

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  ·  last month (edited)

The service was offline because of a server failure. It's now back online, working and processing all the transfers.

Sorry for inconvenience, this happens very rarely but I might need to change the hosting company :/

Can't you just send the refund manually? I still haven't got it and time's ticking...
EDIT: got it. Thanks.

Hopefully this is the last time delay like this happens!

Typo alert! Webiste=website

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I was not quite certain where I should send this comment for it to get to you. Hope as a reply here, is okay.

I use tipu now and then, but today I had a thought, but no such service is offered, so I thought, why not offer your idea, maybe it can be used and helps many.

For instance. If I want to help a steemit friend, I send him STEEM of $10
He buys a tipu tip of $10...gets his $10 back plus some ROI.
He keeps the ROI amount and sends back to me my $10 (a week after I sent it to him)

Problem is, some 'friends' are honest and some are not and doing it my way means I have to trust them...which means I am not likely to help them.

However, what if it was possible to send a tip with return of capital to me? I transfer to tipu $10 with name of recipient/beneficiary post and in the memo, before giving the account details, I enter ROC: https:...etc. The beneficiary is notified that I have invested $10 for him, so that he receives whatever ROI there is and you are then returning to me my $10.

It means I do without the $10 for a week (roughly) but the beneficiary gets some tip from me without my having to sacrifice my entire $10

I know I would use such a service and I think many other also would.

Do you see it as being an idea you could implement? If not, say, for example, your admin overhead kills it, at least I tried.


Very interesting concept :) However the post beneficiary has to be set before post is made (as far as I know), you can not set it in a way that for example: payout out of one particular vote (@tipU) will be send to you, not post author. But I will think how this could be done because this is indeed very cool idea :)


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Great updates.

I havent had a chance to look at the site yet today but will later....however one question, can you use the swap to turn STEEM into TPU or it is only STEEM to SBD and vice versa?

Only STEEM <-> SBD, I don't have enough TPUs to sell them freely :)

integrate steem-engine market

by just using internal sbd/steem market, people probably make losses, while using SE would also boost liquidity of your token :)

I'm not sure if that's possible :) I could either create my own exchange or users have to use steem-engine market.

can't you just do it as you did it with the internal market?
but keychain then creates a transaction for SE, which just needs to be signed :)

But who is the buyer and who is the seller?:) @tipU is not the seller for sure!

The one who wants to buy/sell and is signing the keychain transaction?

your website would only prepare the transaction

So you want me to create an exchange service :p

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The way to deposit to use amounts from there to promote the posts - any?
I don't see this like feature in the post (or link on such way to do).

The analogy is like on peakmonsters - Steem Monsters cards market I may use peakcredit (deposit the amount of Steem/SBD on it) and you it from time to time to buy a card.

If you have a deposit you can use a command like this:
!tipuvote for 2 steem

Seems that you have no deposit. Plase send any amount of SBD or STEEM to @tipU to use @tipU services :)


No, you don't understand me.

I mean - I want to promote my post by SBD tipU promotion. But I want to keep the SBDs for that on the deposit

In this case write under your post: !tipuvote for 10 sbd hide
And than delete the comment ;)

But yeah, it would be cool use the website to request tipu upvote from the deposit. Will add it to "to do" list :)

Seems that you have no deposit. Plase send any amount of SBD or STEEM to @tipU to use @tipU services :)

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Very exciting! Go @tipu go!

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