@tipU Voting Service Update: Upvotes in 7 Additional Tribes Tokens

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Hi guys, how's it going. Today I've got a pretty nice update for all voting service users - from now on @tipU will upvote in 7 additional Tribe tokens: PAL, SCT, SPT, LEO, SPORTS, NEOXIAN and MARILIANS.

So, today I went shopping on steem-engine and bought (and staked) 7 different Tribe tokens:

Because all of those are linked with STEEM voting, if you use a specified tag (or tags), you will also receive the upvote in the selected Tokens. To give you a better explanation of this, I've prepared this very detailed graph that shows you the overall idea:

Just like in case of STEEM, the higher the upvote from @tipU, the higher the tokens reward. For example: in case of PAL, every 1% of @tipU upvote gives 0.001 PAL token (so 100% upvote gives additional 0.1 PAL tokens + additional tokens if you used the needed tags).

This happens automatically with every upvote request and no further actions from the vote buyer is required. Just remember to claim your tokens reward at steem-engine.com after the post payout.

Over time I'm planning to increase the stakes in those tribes as well as enter new ones. For me it's a way of supporting both the steem communities and the steem-engine platform.

Have a great week and see you next time!

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Thank you for reading the comments. Now I will definitely use only your service. What about delegating you with your SE tokens for some%?
#spt #palnet #sct #battle #jjm #aaa #actnearn #weedcash #zzan #sportstalk #neoxian #steemace #int #stem #marlians #steemleo

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If you would like to delegate your SE tokens to get profit, like it works for STEEM - this would be very hard to do currently as the SE tools to check your voting power, curation rewards etc. are not yet so easy to use (or existing:) as for STEEM.

Plus managing balances, payments and payouts of so many tokens is a real headache. Some investors might want to receive payouts in PAL and LEO, other only PAL, other would prefer to automatically convert it to STEEM and get STEEM instead. Currently I don't even have a trading bot for SE tokens so... tons of work to make it happen, maybe in the future :)

I like your approach. I am going to grow as an investor with your help. In my opinion you are the best service. This week I am going to record a small video about your service for Russian-speaking users.

Thank you! :) Remember to let me know about it!

By the way, what other Tribe tokens should @tipU get?

What about Creative Coin Crypto, a token for arts

Noted :)

I think steem geek looks like a cool one for geek content and creative coin for art content seems like a good fit for tipU

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Will check them out :)

Check Battle Token

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OK, thanks!

Why not some Jahm, weed, and stem

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This is really good to see. I love seeing the applications supporting the different communities that are forming.

It is also wonderful to see the assistance in helping to spread the tokens out. Even though the payouts wont be that large, to start, in the recently added communities, it will put a bit of them in the wallets of other people.

This will help with the distribution.

We appreciate the support! Your service is awesome. Only thing left for you to do is post under #steemleo so we can upvote you with more LEO to stake 😉

Also already set the upvotes for LEO at x10 of the standard upvote (because not every vote request for tipU has steemleo tag). Will write more about it tomorrow but it should work well :)

I can't wait to read that. I know that you can change the upvote multipliers for each tribe but atm I don't know how to do it xD
With these changes I could undelegate all the tokens from my tribe accounts ^^

Right! I knew I was missing something, users need to use appropriate tag (or tags) to get the tribe token reward.

Brilliant! Glad to see projects supporting other projects this is how we build the shared Steem universe

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It's big milestone for @tipu! And do you have plans to add to list of tokens ZZAN it's site https://www.steemzzang.com/?

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Noted :)

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Hello @tipu and @cardboard!
I am writing you because yesterday i did not receive the investor payout, and i did took a look around and notice that other investors have been payed...(can you please take a look...)
As well if i log to @tipu site it's showing that i am an undefined user and this situation is for more then three weeks already...(can you please take a look...)
And now something regarding the topic of this post... Are the investors (the ones who have Steem Power delegated) going to receive in Steem-Engine wallet rewards from the tokens you mention?

Hi @georgemales - I can see that you have revived payout yesterday and today - can you verify it?
As for the website - probably a problem with steemconnect verification, can you try to log in in private mode?
Currently I'm not planning to pay SE tokens to investors as I don't get any profit in those (probably only curation rewards for the tokens I bought).

Hi @cardboard - Couple of minutes after i wrote the comment the payout for yesterday show up, so it's all good with the payout. As for the website the only option i see is to log using steemconnect, as i don't know how to log in private so i will wait for a while till steemconnect will work properly...

OK, should be soon :)

This is Fantastic and a Great Way to be in Early on Our Way to Financial Independence...............@tipu

  ·  last month (edited)

Best service ever!

Can we delegate those tokens to @tipu also?

You can if you want but there's no profit planned for doing so. Currently there's not even a tool that would allow you to see your votes/curation rewards in SE tokens so making a working investors payout system is pretty hard to do. Plus managing balances, payments and payouts of so many tokens is a real headache :) But we'll see what new tools/systems will be developed on steem-engine. Maybe something like this will be possible in the future.


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You forgot the very first tribe of Steem engine . Weedcash!

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Noted :)

I would like to say thank you for this great project and I will be using your service more often!!

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Get some GG Token from Steemace ! A Tribe for gamers

Just to make it clear for me - if I post from , for example, PALNET, my post will appear in Steemit with the tag palnet added...but in most non-steemit platforms I am able to use more than the 5 tabs allowed by Steemit, so I could then use all those where I am registered?

Are you saying I would earn a reward in all of them if I upvote with tipu?

  ·  last month (edited)

Yeep. Just remember that @tipu has more steem power than any other tribe tokens so the STEEM reward will be highest. To compensate it a little, the tribe uovotes are x15 of the normal upvote. Check out latest @tipu post for more info.

Also busy.org now supports 13 tags :)

I need to get some more tokens then

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