@tipU Update: Resuming Vote Selling Under #Newsteem

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Update about the promotion service provided by @tipU.

After being disabled for past week, @tipU is resuming vote selling under new rules:

  • upvote value: 150% of the payment (please remember about non-linear reward curve)
  • each upvote is rewarded with @tipU profit sharing tokens (TPUs)
  • instant upvotes: no need to wait for bidding round
  • minimum payments: 1 SBD / 5 STEEM
  • 50% of the payment will be used to support steem projects like @steempeak and @bank.sbd

All the other stuff like auto-refunding is of course also working.

I don't expect this service to be hugely popular but there you go, you can use it to gain visibility. I hope that with those changes, authors who use the service won't get downvoted. Of course I can't guarantee this. Let me know if you have any feedback. Cheers!

PS. The service will be enabled in about 10 hours so users have time to notice this post and familiarize themselves with the changes.


Best of luck to your business model. It might not work out though. Bidbot tracker is completely dead, no one is using those bots.

It likely has nothing to do with whether it is profitable for the vote buyer or not. Many people are willing to completely burn their post rewards for visibility, but if you're going to get flagged it doesn't matter.

In the end, the burning doesn't provide enough visibility to be worth doing or buying unprofitable votes. Nevertheless, these flagging accounts do not care if the content is quality, or if your project is good for Steem. If you use purchased votes some of these flaggers will attack your post, and the purchased visibility becomes pointless.

The biggest irony is that these people flag all these posts that are not "high quality" but used purchased votes, yet not a single one of them protest the incredibly selfish and ridiculous spam posts from @burnpost. This project is leeching author rewards away from the community for the sake of protecting their own pockets and is very anti-POB and a complete contradiction to everything Steem was suppose to represent. But sure, downvote the dude from India that wrote a grammatical nightmare and paid to get it on trending.

Sorry that you have been bullied by a bunch of people willing to take your upvotes (made by the profit from upvote selling platform) but unwilling to actually look at content at all. Be well!

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Greetings, I wanted to be a tipu curator, but I requested a couple of times and they never responded. There is no chance anymore?

Currently nominations are paused because the voting power is being drained too fast. Please remind me in few days :)

ok, thank...In how long do i remember you? (about what I want to be a tipu curator)

Hello... I am writing to remind you that I would like to be curated tipu ... please. :)

Hi @blessed-girl! @cardboard has nominated you to become a @tipU curator! You can now request 3 @tipU upvotes per day on any content you like. The better curation reward you can get, the more upvotes with higher value you can send. You can nominate new curators as well!

To send the upvote, please comment under the post and at the end of the comment, add: @tipu curate. To nominate someone else you think would make a good @tipU curator, reply to one of their posts or comments with: @tipu nominate. All of this is of course free :)
Check out https://tipu.online/curator?blessed-girl for more information and to see your stats :). Have fun!

Thank you very much!!.
I wanted to know, how much is the maximum time that a publication can have to be curated?

2 days :) also please note that currently it's one upvote per day.

🎁 Hi @tipu! You have received 0.5 STEEM tip from @penderis!

Check out @penderis blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

The real question is "Do you like the content?" and then I might have to ask do you understand the content and if you understand the content how can you like the content? :) Haha I guess @tipu must be happy the promotion comment gets some action and is not a waste :) !tip 0.5 hide

I am following it

I follow you

Follow penderis

I follow it

I am following it

Follow this id

Follow this

I follow it

I am following the penderis id and resteem this post

This will be an interesting experiment to see who is really in it for the 'promotion'!


I do appreciate what tipu is doing and I won't downvote anyone using this service for promotion of quality content.

However, like you I suspect most people defending the buying of votes for Steem don't want negative ROI.

As you resume, do you have any pla s to burn steem?
How will you check post quality?

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I have been told by tons of New Steem members that content dosent matter because all bid bots are bad no matter what is promoted.
Was and still is my biggest complaint about everyone on a high horse forcing rules that have nothing to do with content and everything to do with how the drop in steem price hurt their wallets.

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What if it is called advertising? There is plenty of shitty advertisement too. 💕

I don't see much point in burning 0.00000001% of the daily supply, Id rather use this amount to support steem developers.

As for quality, @tipu uses blacklist api plus I hope no one will pay to promote shitty content ;)

I think this is good to promote post beacuse in that case users don't care much for downvotes and if anyone is buying vote to earn then must be ready for downvotes as well.
Will your curation program run as usual or any changes on that?

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This will have no effect on curation - but the project is constantly evolving ;)

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burning steem is pointless if the inflation continues ... i gotta hand you bonus points for the site , man, its very neat ...

they could try turning NULL into the reward pool and HALT production of steem ... (i dont take this its too hard or impossible thing ... inflation is what kills it and mathematically inevitably will drive it ever closer to zero) and make the big ones fill the pool with their trillions in the attic, like the real FED should do instead of printing more to pay the debt ... push what's hiding back into it and not from the little man, but
didnt come here for that, just to complement the site and
do i understand that if i buy an upvote while logged in i get TPU ? which means bonus on return on top of delegation ?
hm, that ... that's a draft-in-a-jiffy so thats waiting for real ideas from big people with actual solutions, not quick patches so the stripmine can continue ... stop inflation and null = reward pool so the only increase is in dollar value ... the details are left to the people in suits with degrees its just a folly, (add 5 digits ofcourse i.o. the current 3 ) but im talking too much again today ...
gonna save myself the debate ... the time put in mowing my lawn is worth more than an appreciated comment and its overdue ... its been clear for a while but HF21 confirmed it, especially the subsequent propaganda : votesuckers adapt to the norm and other than a few obscure hackers who might actually know whats going on under the hood this place is over 90% marketing ... "TO MAKE THE SALE"
and what's left after the sale ? 13 cents, all the inflation and the content paladins , the downvote cartels and the holygrailofsteem crusaders took it from over seven dollar and promising to 13 cents and pointless ...

so ...
that was a debate i wasnt gonna have again ... :)

How big is the change to receive downvotes because this is bid-bot alike?

How to be a curator?

Happy Friday. 💕

How, i pay u 5steem, how many gives me vote in $ because, 50% only withdraw

It good to hear that u are resuming to sell vote under #newsteem but @ocdb and @theycallmedan will downvote if we use yours.

Our way or no way right. Good work on that, smart move doing the whole support steem dao and steempeak thing :) !tip 0.5

First things first: I know that the demand is almost 0, but I think that it might be important to have the whole offer around until the situation normalizes itself.

So three points seems to be like the same like before. (tokens, no bods and minimum payments)
But cutting down the ROI from +20% right down to -50%? Why not just pushing it down to 0%? They are just getting back the amount of Steem (or a little bit less) what they have paid for. Basically the whole promotion is just the product that they are getting.

And what the hell is steemdao and steemspeak and why are they getting 20%?
I don't like giving money out of the tipu-system with little to no benefit.
But I would like to see to get those manual curators rewarded with those profits, but at way more reliable cute like 5% or 10%.
(Please don't start printing tokens for them, unless they are providing more Steem than those tokens are costing tipu. Sustainability has to be the top priority.)

I still think that newsteem will normalize itself sooner or later and that a promotion service with reasonable conditions will have a place somewhere around then.

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