STEEM POWER Naming Change Proposal - So the newcomers can instantly get the idea

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Hi guys, just a quick idea here

Currently we have STEEM, our precious cryptocurrency, and we have STEEM POWER - another type of our precious cryptocurrency that gives us power over steemit, curation reward etc.

I think that this is quite confusing for the newcomers as there is no simple explanation on steemit what's the difference between STEEM and STEEM POWER, as both of those are labelled as STEEM in the wallet.

So I created a quick mockup to demonstrate my idea:


Can we try to use simple associations to explain the difference between STEEM and STEEM POWER?

You have your wallet, where you keep your STEEM - you can transfer the tokens whenever you want, there are no limitations here.

Or you can keep your STEEM in the generator - this gives you Power over steemit content and helps to get higher curation rewards. But taking STEEM from the Generator takes time.

The word "Generator" can be changed to anything else that connects to generating steam power (kettle, pot? :)

Anyway the idea is to appeal to the simple associations of steam and the machines that use steam to generate power. It can be also greatly used for visual ad campaigns.

What do you guys think?


Most, if not all wales keep the bulk of their balance in Steem Power, it's an investment in the platform and makes you more desireable to follow given the psychology behind potential future upvotes. We're just little fish waiting for a bigger fish to take a dump on us so we can eat.

Upvoted, but I prefer STEEM Power over Generator because it's not clear that the STEEM can be withdrawn from the Generator, but I get the sentiment you're going for. (Though I suppose a short description could just be added to describe that it can do that.)

This platform needs better tutorials and explanations more than anything else, all laid out in a central location, with minimal technical jargon. It is definitely a nightmare for beginners to understand, and that's for beginners that understand crypto.

If you DON'T understand crypto, it's damn near impossible without serious handholding.

yes the wallet is definitely confusing for newbies

I was also confused for a long long time.

Simplicity always works.

Same here ... but now I see how it works :)

We do not understand anything so new, so you will say how to grow the steem power and how to save it in the generator, thanks.

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This helped me a lot. Keep going.

Generator without "Steem" in front of it as a designator would cause me to think of an electrical generator. I would suggest "Pressurizer" because it allows the Steem to work harder but it takes time to depressurize it back into regular Steem.

Yes, please. great idea, I was confused when I first started. Im sure many others are as well.

I guess this ( needs more exposure then. The wiki was started just a couple of months ago, and since then has had a lot of material added to it. Try it out... almost everything has been explained in there. I even made some entries myself.

I love reading your post. I got something important about the different Steem and Steem Power. I have to write on this issue in My Indonesian, or I must translate you current post. What do you think, @tipu?

Regard fron Indonesiaa.

Please feel free to translate it :)

generator is nice ! :)

Thank You for the information. I had same confusion when I started my personal account 1 year ago and I had left the community. Then two months ago I became active accounts. I also feel if we could see the resteem menu separate from original posts.

I don't like Steem Power much neither. "Generator" is a good idea. It reflects well the idea behind its concept.

I think this is best and good idea....
I am very like it...
Good job...
Success always for you @tipu.....
I have upvote and followed...

the best post I've ever seen.

I would agree that it is a bit confusing to understand all the different "steem" labled items in your wallet. Would be nice if there was a different naming scheme to simplify things a bit. Seperate steem dollars from steem power essentially.

i think the better work is power-up (enhance your steem account by getting more rewards and influence)

not everyone knows how a generator works besides it doesn't makes sense to me (generator requires energy to run)

actually I think STEEM Power could be called as Voting Power... but Voting Power has been used

What if name it simply POWER?

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