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There are plenty of shitposting, spamming users. The one I am focusing on is "abusereports", this user/bot interrogates minorities who flag posts of his and use the voting power to fly up to an user and desintegrate his/her work. Just look at what happened to user named Chetachi, cryptocheta. He, maybe she got his 9 blog posts destroyed not visible anymore besides gray headline ).
If I got that done on me I'd be furious that I lost hours of job just because of a damned falseflagger.

What that bot does is some kind of damn police ( not to offend the real one ) patrol around steemit and flag people, then claiming as if it helped to return bills to the reward pool. I wouldn't have a problem with this if not the fact that abusereports destroys people's reputation and gets upvoted. Downvote haejin or some real danger to the health of steemit...This bot is just like a selfish corporation worker who climbs the mountains by stomping on other people's heads.

Here is the comment conversation and manipulation:
Chetachi ( cryptocheta) wrote something that we cannot see anymore.
Bot -I was told you have been maliciously flagging people. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Chet -Who told you that lied about it. Why did I not flagged you immidiately you flagged me. Please unflag me, because you have damaged my reputation because what someone told you.You heard? And you just started flagging me. Hey thats really bad.
Bot -If you really want to continue, I can render your account completely invisible. Is that what you want?
Chet- I dont understand you, am just trying to know why you flagged. Please unflag me.I have never flagged anybody for months, and I dont flag because I know how it feels. Please unflag me
Bot-I am not removing the goddamn flags. Stop threatening people. If you comment on my posts again you will be flagged twice as hard.This is your last chance to move along.

Do you see what is going on here? Not only this bot dares to terminate good people's reputation ( in here down to 9 ), but also demonetises their content. I already saw a few more examples of this, but there's no need to pull it off here. Find out by yourself and fix this platform that I got so amazed by! How can this be "trending" when it's clearly a toxic bot? Maybe I didn't point out many things and had too much water flow without much sense but it doesn't matter. Now you see the problem!
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Alright, I've gone too triggered and got corrected by another user which I am thankful for. Truly the payments are redirected, but my stance isn't much different than yesterday. Even if somebody flags you, you shouldn't be so cruel and destroy their reputation.

I have been lately getting down voted by troll or bot accounts. Its getting very discouraging as I have done nothing wrong and I'm getting all this hate