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The Steemit community is evolving and every steemian who joins this platform has hopes of earning some bucks through upvoting, posting and curating, but one thing for sure is certain and its a fact , not every steemian is getting the same piece of the cake.Some steemians are able to upvote a post and instantly the user earns $20 bucks for the post.It's like a big tip, based on a heavily weighted vote.

This vote's weight, as most steemers now know is based on how much "Steam Power" the voter has. They can powerfully move and shift opinions about content that deserves recognition, much more like a "whale" makes huge waves and sends ripples that affect everything in the sea around it.

Now looking at the life forms that exist in the Steemit Ecosystem :

Plankton~Newbie~Dust~User~New kid in the block.


As explained in the real world usage it is the foundation of the ocean food web.They are nonmotile or too small to swim against the current.Referring it to steemit plankton users it's more or less the same.The steemit plankton are new users that have joined the platform and they are still trying to get their footing, at the same time familiarising with the system.Their steem power is the initial steem, you get when you sign up if you have not invested in steem.Their learning curve is shooting upwards and also sometimes filled with confusion on the mechanics of steemit.

They have very little ability to influence the direction that votes take, as their votes are not worth much .Mostly at this stage, there are still looking for the right combination to earn more, it's a trial and error stage.As they are still getting acquainted with the platform some newbies often tend to use unorthodox means to get attention through spamming, follow for follow and inboxing the whales for upvotes.This act is rife at this stage.Not to say asking for help is bad but other newbies overdo it.



These are the average steemers on Steemit. Perhaps they've come aboard just recently or are now having more weeks and months under their belt.They are now familiar with the mechanics of steemit and some may have already put $20, $50, or maybe even $200-$600 into their Steem Power, to try and gain some weight on their votes and atleast have some influence.They are considered a bit mature in the system, though a tendency of begging is still rife at this stage.


However if you have not invested in steem power most average minnows have very little ability to influence the direction that votes take, as their votes are still not worth very much.It will take them multiples of upvotes to reach a single upvote of a whale. At best the average minnow might be able to get you $0.04, as they slowly and patiently climb through the Steem Power ranks.

Dolphins~Superhero~Chief of Staffs~B-List~The Powerangers


These are the Steemers the have invested a decent amount into the Steemit platform.Their investment of a few thousands into Steem Power guarantees them a decent upvote worth a couple of cents to a dollar.They are the chiefs of staff of steemit they have seen a lot and their understanding of steemit is on their fingertips.

Many have been on steemit for a long time and they have earned from their posts.Out of their hard work patience and trust in the system they have made decent earnings of above $5000SP to book themselves a free sea ride as dolphins. As they vote, they begin to entice others to vote and your post gets attention giving you a chain of upvotes from the Superheros.

The Dolphins now have Steem Power that grows on its own just by sitting ,in relation to market prices.Those that invested or earned off of posting and up-voting content ,are now enjoying the free sea as their investments are now yielding good results.They are becoming more and more powerful and influential in the ecosystem.

Whales~Legends~Commanders~Heros~The Founding Fathers~Kings and Queens~Gurus.


These are the big Guns of Steemit we talking about the Donald trumps of Steemit.These guys have a large Steem Power holding and are able to heftily influence rewards by upvoting,these are the guys with 40,000~ 500,000~ 2,000,000 Steem Power.To make it simple they have a lot of steem power .

When they like and feel your post adds value to the community, you wont be told you will definetly know.The end state is that you probably going to like their content too and earn a few bucks by curating their posts.When a whale upvotes a post it makes quite the big bang!!! and sends ripples across the sea.

Whales, for the most part, will determine which posts get the most attention and which posts make the most money.This actually makes sense because the whales have heavily invested into the platform thus they have the incentive to select good original value adding content.When they like something you will see it under the "HOT" "TRENDING" and "PROMOTED" sections with a good monetary figure under them that will make you smile.When these guys move the sea feels the shockwaves , tsunami type of waves!!!!😇


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Great article. As a newbie I need all the information on Steemit as I can get.

do so learn as fast as possible

Thanks. I have personally been on Steemit (@r2cornell) since Spring. Planning on our introduction post, but need to coordinate effort with others.

Great post tina! Im sorry if i sound super noob. Maybe i havent fully figured out how steemit works exactly. So if we buy steem with fiat money and leave it in the account it will increase our status here? Just making sure i understand. Im trying to learn all i can

yes you can buy steem or SBD on the open market. I invested in steem on bittrex before I opened an account here, and just recently took the time to figure out how to transfer them over. once you have steem tokens in your wallet here, you can " power up" and convert it to steem power. hope this helps

Not to sound too juvie, but what is a good number to have in SP?

Thanks. That was hekpful

Thanks for explaining the Steemit ecosystem. I would categorize myself as a newbie right now but I plan on working hard and moving up the foodchain.

I am sure very soon you will be among the whales

Ha, newbie. I'm more like a minnow in a wheelchair! lol

Thanks @tinashe for the post helping those that are new to Steemit.com get a better understanding of the different types of users. -dt

Great post! Upvoted and followed ;)

Thank you

Sometimes I feel lower than plankton...seaweed? But, I know that eventually everyone will discover my brilliance, and artistic writing, photos, drawings, and start voting me up. Sea ya around, whale meat again.

Dont worry everything will turn around

Thanks for following!

"whale meat again" LOL I see what you did there. Thats funny and earned my vote. I'm going to follow as well because I think I'll like your sense of humor.

Thanks Unc!

I didn't know I am plankton LOL. It makes sense, we have to start from somewhere. Very good post and very well explained.

kkk yah ,everyone has to start from somewhere

To me,,,,,,,,a Plankton (LOL)! This was a great write up. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I did not know their was a spot lower than a minnow. Kinda bummed about that part. But hey,,,,we all start out somewhere. Now can I PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get $20 Steem from you? HAHAHAHAHAHA Thank you for this post! It betters my understanding of how the chains of command work now. ;)

kkk i also started out as a plankton slowly but surely going up.Like you said -Everyone starts somewhere

it's almost like it's a big oligarchy here like the regular world, hmmm, makes one wonder if dystopia and utopia are just sides of a coin that perpetually gets flipped... hmmm... peace YOU BIG FAT WHALE !! (-:

Dankie for the love

You just got your self a dolphin following your minnow ass.

you welcome

This cleared a few things up for me. I'm still curious as to how you can efficiently build a following without having a base following on other social media sites like FB & twitter. Are there certain social media sites best for building a following, or is it best to just build up straight from steemit?

Well its all about advertising steemit to all your friends ,i am sure you are on facebook right.Start from there invite them over.Here on steemit engage with other steemers ,comment on their post make yourself know also try as much as possible to write original good content.It will start slowly but be patient ,very patient ,its not a get rich overnight scheme.If you keep that in your mind you wont have a problem you will enjoy steeming


Thanks! Unfortunately I've distanced myself from facebook for many years, and I no longer get much response to my posts anymore. However, your advice has been useful and I will be following you :p

Thank you and you welcome

Thank you I m new and actually learning from this kind of post.

very soon you will be a pro

Thanks I hope that! Did you see the value in dollars in the wallet is dropping in these days?
13.5 %!!??
What can you tell me about this as you are more experienced with the whole thing?

Very educative. We are learning gradually the tricks of the game. Hoping to be minnows very soon.

very soon you will be one

Upvote :)

Thank you

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Good article explaining the ecosystem of Steemit..

Thank you

Followed and upvote

Thank you

Great essay! For me, the problem with steemit is in how hard it is to judge what will be rewarded and what will not. When one devotes some work into producing a quality piece of writing it can be kind of frustating when gets only a few votes and a pittance in payout. I find it helps to just concentrate on what positives do come my way rather than focus on what rewards I am missing out on.

Steemit is Unpredictable,i have experienced those frustrations after working on a piece for long hours and you get a few comments and pennies.Well I am soldiering on and also enjoying the blogging.

Informative post actually, thanks for that, I am yet a minnow, but hope to be a dolphin be next year!

Thank you

That helps me understand things better.

I am glad it helped

Most of this information i already knew but thanks for sharing as I enjoyed your writing! Explainedin a way that makes it very easy to understand.

Thank you

Good Post to read! I must be a Dolphin by now!

Thank you

I'm a clownfish myself, but I have aspirations, ya know

moving up the food chain is the thing.

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Everything is simple and clear=)) Respect=))

Great post for us minnows. In the end we all do the best we can and write about what interests us. Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

Great post. Thank you. This helps me understand how steemit & cryptocurrency works. Best.

Very helpful info here. I have a question, if you don't mind: What does it mean to "curate" someone's post? Is that resteeming or is that upvoting?

One of the better "For Dummies" explanation I have seen to date. Posts like this help motivate those juvenile minnows to stick around a bit longer. Thanks for the effort. Following.

This was perfect for me, newbie as you know #needmorestuff , posted my intro, my head is full of crazy ideas, funny thing is haven't been on YouTube that much, having so much much with this ....didn't really miss it...thanks again for sharing!