A Poetic Statement to the World on behalf of Steemania

in steemit •  3 years ago  (edited)

When I first heard of Steemit, it sounded too good to be true
"No thanks, I'm all set, I have enough free revenue"

Luckily it came back though, like a long lost puppy
And called me out again, so I could tell my story

I hoped, and I prayed, that people liked my blogs
But the truth was, I had no cleavage, and didn't look good in a thong

Tell me "Oh Master of Steemit! What is your secret!?"
Is it chance? Is there a reason? Or should I just post more frequent?

Cause I love the idea, that I can show up and get paid
Like a kid without a quarter, lost inside a free arcade

Nothing can stop me now, for I know what to do!
Just write with a passion, or create something new

It's easy, and it's fun, putting other coins to shame
Soon it'll pass ethereum, and bitcoin on the way

The hackers can't phase it, this community stands together
We're in this for the future, and not just fair weather

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