Forget Minnows, Dolphins & Whales - I Want To Be A STEEM SURFER!

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Everyone's always talking Minnows, Dolphin and Whales, but what about the lesser known Steem Surfers?


A laid back member of Steemit who is mostly unconcerned with their level of Steem Power and mainly wishes to ride the wave of innovation into the future.

I've noticed we as a community put heaps of focus on being a part of one of the three main groups of users on Steemit; Minnows, Dolphins and of course the Whales. Hell, I'm guilty myself as I've based whole posts around it, but perhaps we can take a different route. For far too long society has defined people by their status or class within a socio-economic construct, so let's try creating a different group on Steemit.

Being a Surfer is unlike being in one of the many economic groups on Steemit. Every person that's active on Steemit can become a Surfer RIGHT NOW. All you have to do is take on a relaxed attitude and bring love for the community like surfers do in the real world. You don't need 5,000 Steem Power to be on this wave and that's the real beauty of being a Steem Surfer. As Bill Hicks once said it's just a ride.

Surfers on Steemit are riding the waves of Steem into the future of content creation and online freedom of speech. A Surfer's status is totally non dependant on the amount of Steem Power (SP) in their Wallet. In fact, it's all up to their mind set and the way they think about their role within this sphere. While all the mayhem goes on below the ocean surface, the Steem Surfer catches a wave into the sunset.


Contributors shine when they take on a relaxed attitude coupled with a desire to be a valuable cog in the community. After all Steemit strives on providing an open, honest and rewarding social media platform. Most of the "successful" users are already Surfers, they pay no mind to what's in their Wallet and they definitely don't feel defined by their SP. Personally, I've struggled when the worries have kicked in about how much value was deemed to one of my posts. Trust me, just enjoy the ride.

Catch a wave my dudes.


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Bravo the original goal was to reward good material, and to share in an way that benefits on an an individual level (also with reward), but mostly out of the fascist model of other social (and non rewarding) networks.

People (especially the whales) are so concerned with reward that the humanity seems to be missing.

"Have a relaxed attitude and bring love to the community", you say? Hell yeh count me in. ^^ Pleased to now be a surfer, except my board is a motorcycle. From looking at the photo, I see you can't afford to get wet. ^^

Nice....., the core of steemit is expose our feeling, experience and knowledge to each other :)

I had to check my posts to make sure I wasn't going to flag this because I know I read it yesterday....and realized you'd deleted the original post....a strange thing to do, perhaps? Anyway - just showing my support again. Keep surfing!