Fall In Love With This Playlist To Maintain Focus While Posting On Steemit 🎧

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How’s it going steemians?

Do you have a hard time focusing on work, small tasks, study or writing a post for steemit? With the absurd amount of distractions and the ease with which they reach us, keeping focus becomes a challenging task. But luckily, some habits can help us significantly.

Listening to music while we work can be a great ally to stay focused. But lyrics with lyrics may not be as positive for focus. A study by Fu Jen Catholic University came to the conclusion that letterless music is preferable to work environments because lyrics music can reduce your attention and performance.

So, here's a playlist created exclusively for the steemit community:

Playlist on Spotify: Steemit Focus

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Tim Balabuch,
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast

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it works for some people but not for me

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