#2 Tips To Get Your First 100 Followers On Steemit: Create Original Content

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Don't copy and paste texts or images without permission or if they are not yours.

Obvious, right? But, there are a few cases reported by @steemcleaners where people just translate content from other people and post here. I recently saw a user who translated content from Brazilian news sites and posted it here. This isn't completely wrong, if the content was his or had some kind of endorsement to do.

So my tip is simple, create your own content, be it original. People are interested in transparent and sincere content and moreover, you'll still avoid copyright issues.

Btw, if you want free photos to use on steemit, I made a post about it:
5 Amazing Websites To Download FREE Photos For Steemit Posts

Tim Balabuch,
Designer & Cryptocurrency enthusiast

p.s: Despite some controversy, there are many content on the internet that you can use, such as gifs, movie scenes, music, design, etc. I will still make a post talking about it.

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Original content can help you indeed, but reading and commenting on posts can attract followers too.


Certainly! This is the tip #2. I'm doing a series of posts with tips, the next I'll talk about engaging with other users, exactly what you said. 😀