VIDEO: How to make/take money from and exchange it for Bitcoin. Proof that it works and is not a scam....

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Lately we have been seeing a huge number of amazing people signing up and blogging on Steemit. A lot of these people are very well known public figures and they have been giving Steemit a ton of publicity! Which is great! With that being said it's also bringing in a lot of haters and people that call Steemit a scam, a ponzi scheme, deceptive marketing, etc etc. So I decided to make a video that I hope clears up some of these peoples reservations about Steemit. In this video I'm going to show just how you take Steem off of, put it on an exchange, and turn it into Bitcoin. I also want to mention that although I did invest a small amount of Bitcoin in the beginning, but most of the money I made on Steemit has come from my posts and I'm not popular or famous. I'm just a regular user that loves this platform and has made money from using it. Anyways enjoy the video and I hope some of you that were doubtful realize the fact that STEEMIT is real, not a scam, where you can make REAL MONEY from creating and curating content!

 -Tim AKA zombiestv- 


Thank you for making this video. I know that a lot of people have questions about this.

You're very welcome! And yea I've seen a bunch of videos/podcasts/forums all talking a ton of shit on Steemit and most of them had no clue what they were saying. Now I don't claim to know the ins and outs of Steemit on a technical level but there were some ideas people had that were just flat out wrong and I wanted to try and clear them up the best I could.

Great video Tim. Thanks

Haha thanks for the kind words! I'm actually excited to put together a project here on Steemit I hope it turns out well.

10 minutes is short? :) It is great to see that at the end you decided to reinvest your earnings back into STEEM again. Keep up the good work

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